CD Review: Welshly Arms S/T

In the short amount of time that Welshly Arms has been together, the Cleveland-based band has made a lot of noise in the music scene.  Comprised of Sam Getz (vocals/guitar), Brett Lindemann (keys/vocals), Jimmy Weaver (bass/vocals), and Mikey Gould (drums), Welshly Arms is a band that has been shaking the music world off its foundation.

Since coming together, the band has created one EP called Welcome; a 3-song release that simply features the band creating new versions of well-known tracks from the likes of Deep Purple, The Chamber Brothers and Roy Orbison; and the band’s newest release: a full-length self-titled album. The band is currently promoting that 2015 self-titled album.

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CD Review: Tim Kirker “Shallow End of a Deep River”

It was in the city of Cleveland, Ohio that Tim Kirker got his start as a musician. Among other things, Kirker shared the stage with lead Nine Inch Nails member Trent Reznor. Reznor and Kirker were part of the same group called Slam Bamboo who had a Top 40 hit song in the Cleveland area called “House on Fire”. Reznor would later go on with NIN and Kirker would go in his own direction, forming other bands.

Years later, the now New York-based Tim Kirker has returned to music after taking some time off and has since released two solo albums after returning to music with the help of several friends from his musical past. After releasing his first solo album of Like Distant Sounds in 2003, Kirker would take some time off. Having returned last year with Worms for Early Birds, his newest album in over a decade, Kirker returned once again in 2015 with yet another new release. This new album is entitled Shallow End of a Deep River.

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CD Review: Killer Boogie “Detroit”

There are many styles of Rock And Roll out there today. And there are many different bands from different countries who are adding to the history of Rock And Roll, as well. One country that has a large amount of underground bands that are adding strong Rock And Roll sounds to the genre is Italy. It is in Italy that you find the record label Heavy Psych Sounds, a label that brings you some of the hardest bands out there today. From Heavy Psych Sounds comes the band Killer Boogie.

Killer Boogie is a four-piece which features the band members Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals (Black Rainbows), Luigi Costanzo on drums (The Wisdoom) and Matteo Marini on bass (although Eduardo Mancini is featured on the band’s recordings). Together, they bring a sound that blends together sounds from Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow. Needless to say, Killer Boogie has a very heavy sound. That sound can be found on the band’s 2015 release entitled Detroit.

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CD Review: Brent Kirby and His Luck “Patience Worth”

Whether on his own or as part of the many different bands he is a part of, Cleveland, Ohio’s Brent Kirby is constantly performing on stage in many of the music venues in town. He is also constantly writing new material to freshen up his musical performances. Currently, Kirby is promoting his newest release which was recorded under the name of Brent Kirby and His Luck and features a band that also includes Keyboard Player Chris Hanna, Electric Guitarist Ben Nieves, Bassist Kevin Johnson and Drummer JJ Juliano. With this group, Kirby finds himself creating tracks that make use of musical references such as 1970s era Rock and Roll as well as specific artists such as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and others. The new release from the group is entitled Patience Worth.

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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Pop Power”

Through its history, Rock And Roll has had a long and wild path that has made its way into many different cultures. While England and America are the most widely accepted locations for where new music comes from, countries such as Germany and Canada have also added their share of history to the music genre. And with more and more people becoming familiar with the sound of the music, Rock and Roll has found its way into almost every country on the planet, including down in Argentina. It’s in Argentina where you find the band The Kavanaghs, a band of four musicians (Tiago Galíndez on Vocals/Bass/Piano, Seba Cairo on Vocals/Guitars, Diego Vázquez on Guitars/Backing Vocals, Franco Barbieri on Drums) who have been making their own brand of Rock and Roll music for years.

Over the years, The Kavanaghs have created their own music that has been largely influenced by the sound of the British Invasion and then the American response that followed it. For their influences, The Kavanaghs have mentioned bands like The Beatles, Badfinger and The Raspberries (among others) as those bands that have inspired them the most. And when listening to the music of The Kavanaghs, you can most definitely hear each of these influences coming through.

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CD Review: Burnside & Hooker “All The Way To The Devil”

Burnside & Hooker is a band that epitomizes the term “Americana”. First, take a large amount of the style of the Squirrel Nut Zippers for a strong beginning reference. Then, add a generous amount of Folk Rock, some Blues, some Rhythm & Blues and a little Country and Jazz and you have a good idea of the sound of the band Burnside & Hooker. The band is comprised of Rachel Bonacquisti – lead vocals & ukulele; Diana Mayne – viola, piano, & backing vocals; Ted Graham – cello; Michael Vogus – guitar & backing vocals; Ken Fuller – upright bass & backing vocals and Vuck – drums, percussion, & backing vocals. The six members of the band bring many different influences to the music of the group and that makes for a very interesting sound. That sound can be found on the band’s new release entitled All The Way to the Devil.

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CD Review: Dickie S/T

What happens when an artist spends a lot of time doing one thing day after day and soon finds out they want more? That person starts looking for a new direction for that artform. That is the best way to describe the situation for the singer-songwriter named Dick Prall. After years of performing music on his own, Prall wanted something new and found that new direction with a musician who was just coming up in the music industry. That musician, violinist Kristina Priceman, made for the perfect partner as the two created a new partnership and a new musical outfit named Dickie.

With the new duo, Dick Prall and Kristina Priceman create an outfit that combines elements of pop music with orchestral influences. The album contains ten songs that seem readymade for the radio. That commercial combination can be heard on Dickie’s self-titled release.

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CD Review: New England “I Know There’s Something Here”

To many people, the year 1979 feels like an entire other lifetime. That year was the year that the Boston-based rock band New England released their self-titled release. New England was a quartet made up of guitarist/vocalist John Fannon, drummer/vocalist Hirsh Gardner, keyboardist/vocalist Jimmy Waldo and bassist Gary Shea. New England would end up being discovered at that time by Paul Stanley, member of the band KISS. Along with Mike Stone, Stanley would go on to produce that self-titled album for the band that would ultimately contain the singles “Never Wanna Lose Ya” and “Hello, Hello, Hello” that the band would be remembered for. While New England would release a total of three studio releases, the band’s self-titled album would be the biggest release from the band as it peaked at number 50 on the Billboard Top 200.

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CD Review: Walking with Giants “One By One”

Baltimore, Maryland band Walking With Giants is a project of multi-instrumentalist Gary Noon. Together with guitarist Clint Lowery (from Sevendust), bassist Scott “Flip” Phillips (from Creed, AlterBridge) and drummer Brian Marshall, Noon creates a sound that combines modern-day Rock and Roll with an Alternative Rock influence. Having already released several other EPs of music, Gary Noon is currently touring under the moniker of Walking with Giants and is promoting the latest release from the band called One By One.

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CD Review: Black Vincent “Teardrop Deluxe”

There was a time in the music industry when a person would walk into a recording studio with nothing more than a few lyrics to songs he had written and that was all he had. It was after he walked into the studio that he would meet the men who would help put together all of the musical parts to the songs that would become an album. This situation hardly happens today so when it does, the resulting album is something unique. This unique situation surrounds the new release from singer-songwriter Coley Kennedy, a man who recently created a release under the moniker of Black Vincent.

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