Malibu’s Paramount Ranch — the place where movies like Gunfight at the OK Corral and TV hits Gunsmoke and Charlie’s Angels were filmed –– will be the scene for BuFest™, an Indie Music Festival on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. BuFest will feature over 75 bands on four stages and has a commitment to be environmentally aware and have as little impact as possible on the environment. Advance tickets are $60 for two days or $45 for one-day. Performance slots are booked for this year but to inquire about next year, call 888-678-2008, visit www.bufest.com, www.sonicbids.com/bufest, or contact Evan Albright, evan.albright@yahoo.com.


  1. Here’s the email that bands received after paying money and submitting BuFest (Malibu, CA music festival). No one is sure why Evan Albright (grammar mistakes aside) would go out and write an email asking the bands that they passed over to still market the show, still come up with high-end promotional ideas (why would a band do this for a show they are not playing in?), etc.

    Evan, did you need to mention we didn’t get ONE OF 70 slots?! And then remind us that we budgeted our little bit of money to enter (which we did)?! Then you want us to add a button for BuFest to our webpages? won’t all our fans think we’re playing the event and go see us, only to find we’re not there? Also, Evan Albright, you ask us to use our “absolutely stupendous, unbelievable, impossible for anyone else to do promotion” for the event–but why would we do that for your show when you so obviously reminded us that we weren’t one of 70 slots?

    One last thought–do you think groupies are why we do music, Mr. Albright? please have more respect for musicians and stop talking down to us.

    Here’s the email, specifically, sent around to bands who submitted via the Sonicbids website but were not accepted to play at BuFest:
    Ok, I understand. You submitted an EPK for BuFest and didn’t get one of the 70 stage slots. That’s a bummer and you even invested some hard earned cash into the registration. Life’s rough, but believe it or not you should still be at BuFest and we want you to be there!

    Understanding that many of our band friends live on a budget (even though BuFest is a very reasonable $30 per day), we know that even $30 sometimes causes a problem. Add to the initial investment the fact that you want to take your significant other (or if you should be so lucky, favorite groupie) along, you need to buy gas, drinks, food and so on, before you know it your screaming….. Houston, we have a problem.

    Don’t panic, we can help. Here’s the deal or as we call it here at BuFest, the BuEal. Get it, you put deal and BuFest together and get BuEal. Never mind…

    Anyhow, help us promote BuFest and we will give you a couple tickets for FREE. Come up with something super cool and maybe we’ll even get you some other cool stuff like Back Stage Passes or Swag Bags or whatever we can come up with without breaking the bank. Use your imagination after all, your an artist.

    Here’s how it works. Click on the link bellow before May 10, 2009. Register your band and click on the things you can do to help us promote BuFest. After all, how hard is it to link our web page to yours (we have cool little buttons we can send you) or send a comment to all your glorious fans on MySpace (That’s 2.5 seconds of fame)? It just can’t be that hard AND we will give you a couple tickets to BuFest.

    Use the notes section to tell us about your absolutely stupendous, unbelievable, impossible for anyone else to do promotion and we will reward you like the promotional god that you are! You will live in the Pantheon of promotional immortality forever, or until the next BuFest. Which interestingly enough is in Hawaii on September 19, 2009.
    Simply follow this link BEFORE MAY 10, 2009!

    BuFest Rocks!
    Evan Albright
    BuFest Inc.

  2. Southern California FIRE & EMS was contracted by Evan Albright and his accomplice Jami Taylor to provide safety standby services at the Malibu event. At the conclusion of the event, we were given a check written by Jami Taylor only to find out a week later that the check was returned due to insufficient funds and the bank notified us saying that there may be fraudulent activity associated with this particular bank account.

    As a private FIRE & EMS agency, we were privy to confidential information such as the attendance cap stated on the permit. Evan Albright promised vendors and bands that over the course of the event there would be 40,000 visitors but the permit only allowed 4,000.

    Mr. Albright clearly lied and charged vendors up to $3000 for their little 10×10 space which was nothing more than an EZ up.

    We are asking everyone to pass the word around and not to do business with these scam artists. We are asking everyone to file fraud complaints. We are asking everyone to step up and make sure that they are not allowed to scam people again.

  3. UPDATE: Mr. Albright has been successfully sued for his part in the BuFest scam. We have just learned that he has retained an attorney to appeal the courts decision but we feel that his appeal will be overturned based on the amount of evidence collected by the suing party.

    If you are a vendor that was bilked or scammed, we want to hear from you!

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