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“I Believe The World Needs More Canada” Says Bono

According to Bono, the world needs more Canada because “something is going on here. (Canada has) avoided a stigma that’s attached to the West . . . that other parts of the world regard with such suspicion” said the Irish rock and roll superstar at last weekend’s Liberal Party leadership convention. We are in fact so polite that he feels we could take over the world just by saying please! Now who am I to argue with Bono. If a rock star says we are the greatest, then it must be true right? I have always been a (ahem..) big fan of U2 since they were a struggling band out of, ummh Ireland and this just reinforces by love for all things U2. Way to go Bono! You can come back to Canada anytime. (Yes I’m promoting Canada while being sarcastic at the same time. I really got to dig out some U2 albums soon.)

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Sudan watch – no troops

By the way – who said “The world needs more Canada“?

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