“Just wack the snare a little harder”

When I was playing drums in bands years ago and we couldn’t get a good drum sound on our crude little demos the advice I would invariably get was “Just wack the snare a little harder.” Well I’m here to tell you that that only goes so far. If you are looking to record your drums in a way that gives them the respect they deserve (and probably saves a few sticks on the way) then check out “Top 7 Drum Recording Tips” for some real advice on how to get the sound you want.

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  1. … The WORST thing you can do is just whack harder. If you get a bad sound playing softly, you’ll get a worse sound playing loudly. Technique is the key. I used to spend hours and hours learning every nuance I could about a new snare. It’s amazing the sounds you can get out of a single snare (I think I got around 22 from my last one… Just got a new custom DW which I have yet to work in, so we’ll see).

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