Rock History

“Moon the Loon” is still in the news!

Good old Keith Moon is in the news as he tops Q Magazine’s list of “100 most insane moments in rock” in their upcoming issue. Of course this should come as no surprise to those of you who have any knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll history. I have been a Keith Moon fan ever since, as an impressionistic young drummer I saw “The Kids are Alright” for the first time double billed with “Echoes: Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii” at the local repertory theatre. My first ever journalistic achievement was writing a review of Full Moon: The Amazing Rock and Roll Life of the Late Keith Moon for my junior college newspaper. I remember it distinctly not because of my flowing, intelligent prose or my thoughtful, witty review but because I left the book in the office of the paper and when I realized what had happened and went to retrieve it I found that it had disappeared, but I digress. Keith Moon, above all else was an amazing, one of a kind drummer. Watching that guy behind the kit made you understand why Pete Townsend often commented that he played rhythm guitar to Moon’s lead drums! Simply phenomenal. He was also absolutely insane. Not in a “lock him up in a mental ward” kind of way but in a “nobody with good sense can get through to this guy before he kills himself” way. Between driving Rolls Royce’s into pools and hovercrafts into moats to dressing as Hitler or setting off the equivalent of a bomb on stage (at the wrong time during a show) Keith Moon was probably a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with but you wouldn’t want to live there. His name might even become more popular if rumors of a Roger Daltrey produced biopic starring Mike Myers as Moon ever get of the ground but for me, I just like to remember him as an ever-laughing drummer extraordinaire bouncing his drumsticks off his cymbals while making the most amazing sounds behind the drum kit as he powered the Who from one glorious moment of “Maximum R ‘n’ B” to another. He is even the subject of a more current biography that I hear is quite good called Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend. A real character in the best sense of the word, Keith Moon is sadly missed. When one says somebody is “one of a kind” they could easily be talking about “Moon the Loon.”