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“Punk rock made on Venus”

“Punk rock made on Venus.” That’s how Bono describes to Uncut magazine the songs that U2 are currently in the middle of recording at a studio on the French Riviera (shades of Exile on Main Street?). Now, as I have stated before, I’m not much of a U2 fan but I am learning and even I am getting hyped about this album. I like U2 even though I don’t know or particularly like everything they do. OK, Bono can be a bit of a windbag sometimes but The Edge reminds me of being the Charlie Watts of guitar and that bass player kinda looks like Ray Manzarek. I am going to willfully get caught up on the buzz of this U2 album and tour because nobody, aside from Oasis, do the big rock trip better. I’m looking forward to the ride.