Rock and Roll Reads

“The Purer the Fertilizer, the Stronger the Plants that Grow in the Garden”

Rock and roll constantly re-invents itself by using its past in as many different ways as possible. It’s the nature of the rock ‘n roll beast. It can either be original and exciting or derivative and boring and sometimes all four can co-exist on the same album! Just because a band or performer looks to the past doesn’t mean that they are condemned to repeat it and this article from the LA Weekly “The Kids Aren’t Alright…They’re Amazing” by Jay Babcock, points out eloquently some of those bands and performers that are using past influences with flair and originality. Rock and roll is not about reinventing itself nor about copying its past. It’s about doing both, with attitude. At least that should always be the goal.
Another heads up by that excellent “superblog” Rock Critics Daily.