“They’ve got to be a certain kind of band”

In my quest to search out cool rock and roll, sometimes I tend to gloss over issues that are not as important to me personally because well, I’m not in a band and if you are not in a band there are certain things that are hard to understand, like the need to create, the desire for respect, and the necessity of getting paid. Sure, those of us on the outside might romanticize the image of a rock and roll band on a Kerouac style journey along Route 66 from one sweaty stage to the next but the reality is far different. A band has got to eat. And pay the rent. And pay for gas, and equipment and union dues and the list goes on and on and on. And achieving that balance between artistic integrity and financial success is extremely difficult. Some bands do it, other bands compromise. Nowhere is this more evident then in the article Living the Dream by Sean Nelson of The Seattle Stranger. Nelson looks at The Beatniks, a cover band playing over 200 shows a year while raking in the cash playing other people’s music. How does it make the band feel? Do they still look for respect? Do they want to? A fascinating article that explores the sad reality that is rock and roll today when sometimes the choice between creating music and making a living is really no choice at all. A good read.