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”Hell On Wheels Rock-N-Roll Tour” Starts Friday 26 November, 2004 in South Africa

I don’t post a lot of press releases but since I haven’t had much chance to post about rock and roll in South Africa, I thought that this “Hell on Wheels Rock-N-Roll Tour” was something people might find pretty cool as well as an indication that rock and roll literally thrives in all four corners of the globe.

(Press Release) November 15, 2004 (Pretoria, South Africa)

Breath Of Fresh Air Entertainment, alongside Iron Fist, Blunt Magazine, Music Mate, Phoenix Tattoos and Coffin Girls are proud to present the “Hell on Wheels Rock-n-Roll Tour”.

Two of South Africa’s favourite underground live acts ATFN and The SlashDogs will be hitting the road in December for 13 shows in 7 towns and traveling just under 4000km’s throughout South Africa to do so.

The tour starts in Johannesburg on the 26th of November and goes through Pretoria, Kimberley, Cape Town, P.E, East London and finally ending off in Durban late December.

What makes this tour so special is the amalgamation of musicians in both bands. The SlashDogs front man, Lucky Wretch used to play trumpet for Fuzigish, guitarist Reverend Wright used to front the popular band Leek And The Bouncing Uptones, drummer Paul666 currently plays guitar for ATFN and bassist L-Train used to tour with the likes of Not My Dog and Fokofpolisiekar. On the ATFN side, Mark used to play for Pretoria-based emo-punk band, Pet Flyz and newcomer, Adriaan on keyboards used to play keys for Fuzigish and recorded with Fokofpolisiekar. With such a strong union, the “Hell on Wheels Rock-n-Roll Tour” promises to be a tour to remember, and it is the first time that these diverse musicians from so many different backgrounds will be on the road together.

Tour Dates:

Fri 26 Nov – Bohemians (Jhb)
Sat 27 Nov – The Nile Crocodile (Pta)
Fri 03 Dec – Roxy’s Rhythm Bar (Jhb)
Sat 04 Dec – The Nile Crocodile (Pta)
Tue 07 Dec – Venue t.b.c. (Kimberley)
Wed 08 Dec – Mercury Live (CT)
Thur 09 Dec – The Whammy Bar (CT)
Fri 10 Dec – Mercury Live (CT)
Sat 11 Dec – The One Ring (CT)
Mon 13 Dec – Jack Hammers (PE)
Tue 14 Dec – Jack Hammers (PE)
Wed 15 Dec – Buccaneers (East London)
Fri 17 Dec – The Winston Pub (Durban)

Along with the strong support from Blunt Magazine, Iron Fist Skateboards, Music Mate, Phoenix Tattoo Parlour and the Coffin Girls, the “Hell on Wheels Rock-n-Roll Tour” is going to leave a path of rock-n-roll destruction …and this is something the South African public has been craving for years.

Other bands that will be sharing the stage on the "Hell on Wheels Rock-n-Roll Tour" in their home towns will be:

The Narrow, Fokofpolisiekar, Pestroy, Tonight We Die, Corporate War, Fuzigish, Believable Addiction, Stefan De Wreed Orkes, FFD, Drei Flaschen, PCP, Point Blank, Lucid, Shu D-Day Forever and Armchair Generals.

ATFN – Progressive metal punk. A perfect blend of the old school and new school genres. (

The SlashDogs – Dirty Rock-n-Roll. A mixture of Chuck Berry styled rock-n-roll, Detroit City rock, Motorhead attitude and South African muti voodoo. (

Iron Fist Skateboards – South Africa’s top skateboard and apparel company. (

Blunt Magazine – The most popular surf, skate, snow, music magazine in South Africa. (

The Coffin Girls – A league of the most evil, hottest looking girls you will ever set your eyes on. They will kick your ass and get you weak at the knees all at the same time. Dressed by the Devil himself, the Coffin Girls are the most charming pussy cats with a fiendish twist. (

Music Mate – Pretoria’s finest musical instrument store. One of few stores that actually care about their clientele, and also support the local music scene.

Phoenix Tattoo Parlour – Proud sponsor of custom work tattoos for both The SlashDogs and ATFN. (