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Now This is Rock and Roll! The Jessica Fletchers

The search for great rock and roll knows no boundaries and this week we head out to Oslo, Norway to sample the rock and roll delights of native son’s The Jessica Fletchers. Absolutely great harmonious rock and roll with just the right inflection of ‘60s influence make The Jessica Fletchers well worth your time. A fantastic band that you can start to get familiar with by checking out Bloody Seventies Love, Come On (It’s Only Nine), Sorry About the Love and Houses Burning Down. Great stuff worthy of a Nobel Prize in rock and roll.

Artists and Bands

Stipe Likes Canada

Michael Stipe is getting quite an appreciation for Canada according to Canada Helped Give Stipe Perspective. It’s far from some Utopian paradise but Canada is a great place to live and where not only is “liberal” not a bad word but is actually the name of one of the major political parties. Come and visit, we’d love to have you.

Rock Biz

Thump! The Tapco Music Sampler CD

Do you or your band use any gear from Tapco? If so you might consider submitting an original song to the first Tapco music sampler CD called Thump! Contest ends November 30th so check it out ASAP!

Odds & Sods

American Citizens. Vote Tuesday. It’s Easy.

I received this from Rock the Vote and thought I would reprint it here for your convenience.

Tomorrow is November 2, Election Day. The day you get out and vote.

Voting is easy—here’s what you need to know before you head to the polls.

Bring an ID.
Not sure what you need? Click here.

Vote in the morning, lines are shorter.

Bring 5 friends to keep you company.

Have no fear — the machines are easy.

Forget your polling place? No problem, find it here:

Make a mistake? Just ask for a new ballot and vote.

Not on the list? Ask for a provisional ballot and vote.

In line when the polls close? Don’t worry–you still get to vote.

Get legal help at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
Report to NBC at 1-866-MYVOTE1.

Check out for voting tips, compare the candidates, and an overview of the issues.

Polls show a dead heat.
Tomorrow, you pick the winner.

Take 5 friends and vote like you’ve never voted before.
And remember: Bring Your ID.