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Rebecca’s Picks – Albums You Should Own: Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Just last week I was talking about how much I was enjoying the local classic rock radio station one weekend because I don’t listen to this stuff much anymore. My whole point was that you cannot deny the impact of “Classic Rock” on the rock and roll of today and that listened to in moderation, this is still great stuff and a lot of fun. Well I am happy to add Rebecca to the fold here at The Rock and Roll Report as she delves into her record collection to give you some examples of albums she thinks you should own. You can contact Rebecca at her MySpace page at Take it away Rebecca!

Hello everyone!

rebecca.jpgMy name is Rebecca. I love music. Specifically, rock and roll music.

Every week I will be sharing an album with you. It could be an album from the 60’s, the 70’s, or the 80’s. These albums will all have one thing in common. You should own them.

You might ask, “Why the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, Rebecca?”

I might answer, “Well, being (cough-cough) 40-ish, these are the eras I know the best. I was in high school in the late 70’s-early80’s, and my main hobby was going to concerts and buying albums. I still own many of these albums on vinyl, (That’s the stuff they used to make records out of) not counting the ones a certain ex-boyfriend took off with.”

I still attend a lot of shows, and regard many musicians as friends. I myself am not a musician. I own a sweet Stratocaster, which I play badly. While I was researching these albums, I asked many musicians to tell me the albums that had influenced them the most, the music that made them decide that they had to make music themselves. I got a surprising variety of answers, and I still think that it’s a fascinating question to ask someone.

So, check out my column…you never know, you might learn a little rock and roll history. At the very least, you’ll find out about an album that rocks!

AC/DC Highway To Hell

Track List
1. Highway To Hell
2. Girls Got Rhythm
3. Walk All Over You
4. Touch Too Much
5. Beating Around The Bush
6. Shot Down In Flames
7. Get It Hot
8. If You Want Blood (You Got It)
9. Love Hungry Man
10. Night Prowler

all songs written by Young, Young, and Scott
Released July 1979 on Atlantic Records
Produced by Mutt Lange

Band members
: Angus Young-lead guitar, Malcolm Young-rhythm guitar, Phil Rudd-drums, Cliff Williams-bass, Bon Scott-lead vocals

When “Highway To Hell” came out in the summer of 1979, it was a most welcome antidote to the other albums being released at the time. The crunchy power chords and thumping bass line were present, but producer Mutt Lange had colored the songs with his own crisp, clean sound. It was much more polished than the band’s previous albums, but still managed to stay raunchy, dirty, and loud. Bon Scott, who died of alcohol poisoning just seven months after “Highway To Hell” was released, once said, “All the songs we do are about one of three things…booze, sex, and rock and roll.” Hell yeah.

Artists and Bands

Rock and Roll Report Blitz: EndeverAfter


Two things you should know about EndeverAfter; (1) they rock hard; (2) their new CD Kiss or Kill is coming out on my birthday (hint, hint). On Baby Baby Baby they remind me a bit of Jet and I guarantee you have not heard I Wanna Be Your Man played like this!

This is classic hard rock that harkens back to the late ’70s with no apologies made and it’s nice to see bands like Endeverafter rocking out with abandon. Keep an eye out for these guys.

You can listen to some tracks and watch some videos on their MySpace page at

Check out their video for Baby Baby Baby. Low slung Les Pauls and hot girl on girl action. What’s not to like?



The Second Coming of Metal?

metal-blade-records.jpgSo says Brian Slagel, the man behind Metal Blade Records which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In an interview with the Ventura County Star Slagel states that “What’s happening now reminds me so much of the early ’80s,” he said. “I think there will be a second big wave of heavy metal.”

One thing that is fascinating is his take on running an indie label and the one thing that makes it such a challenge:

If metal gets big again, Slagel concedes that Metal Blade might face the same issue it did in the ’80s — losing bands to major labels. Back then, about 15 bands defected (although some would later crawl back). Slagel admitted that sometimes that hurts, after doing “all the dirty work” to help bands grow. But part of it, he added, is natural career progression.

That is the unfortunate situation of a lot of indie labels. They are like the minor leagues of rock and roll in some ways and tend to do all the work only to be usurped by someone bigger. Such is life in the rock and roll jungle. It doesn’t sound like Brian Slagel is complaining too much.



Rock History

Mick Rock’s New Book on Syd Barrett


Photo copyright Mick Rock 2007 –

Mick Rock has published a stunning photo book on the late, great but also very fucked up Syd Barrett called Psychedelic Renegades. Rolling Stone has an online preview of what to expect and the shots are just….chilling. Could the story of Syd Barrett be the saddest sorry in rock? If not it’s pretty damn close.



Rock on Film

Ramones DVD Details

ramones.jpgWell the upcoming Ramones DVD It’s Alive 1974 – 1996 will be well worth it with more than four hours of rare and unreleased performances. Set to be released on October 2, 2007 by Rhino Records this double-DVD features what looks like a shitload of cool stuff. Check it out:

Disc 1
CBGB — New York, NY (9/15/74)
1. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
2. “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement”
3. “Judy Is A Punk”
Max’s Kansas City — New York, NY (4/18/76)
4. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
5. “53rd & 3rd”
The Club — Cambridge, MA (5/12/76)
6. “Chain Saw”
Max’s Kansas City — New York, NY (10/8/76)
7. “Havana Affair”
8. “Listen To My Heart”
My Father’s Place — Roslyn, NY (4/13/77)
9. “I Remember You”
10. “Carbona Not Glue”
CBGB — New York, NY (6/11/77)
11. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
12. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”
13. “Beat On The Brat”
14. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
15. “Rockaway Beach”
16. “Cretin Hop”
17. “Oh Oh I Love Her So”
18. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”
The Second Chance — Ann Arbor, MI (6/26/77)
19. “Rockaway Beach”
20. “Carbona Not Glue”
The Ivanhoe Theater — Chicago, IL (7/6/77)
21. “Pinhead”
22. “Suzy Is A Headbanger”
The Armadillo — Austin, TX (7/14/77) Early Show
23. “Commando”
24. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
The Armadillo — Austin, TX (7/14/77) Late Show
25. “Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy”
26. “53rd & 3rd”
27. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”
Liberty Hall — Houston, TX (7/15/77)
28. “Loudmouth”
29. “I Remember You”
30. “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”
Liberty Hall — Houston, TX (7/16/77)
31. “Oh Oh I Love Her So”
32. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”
Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert — L.A., CA (8/9/77)
33. “Loudmouth”
34. “Judy Is A Punk”
35. “Glad To See You Go”
36. “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”
The Camera Mart Stages — New York, NY (9/3/77)
37. “Swallow My Pride”
38. “Pinhead”
39. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”
It’s Alive, The Rainbow Theatre — London (12/31/77)
40. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
41. “I Wanna Be Well”
42. “Glad To See You Go”
43. “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl”
44. “Commando”
45. “Havana Affair”
46. “Cretin Hop”
47. “Listen To My Heart”
48. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”
49. “Pinhead”
50. “Do You Wanna Dance?”
51. “Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy”
52. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
53. “We’re A Happy Family”

Disc 2
Musikladen — Bremen, Germany (9/13/78)
1. “Rockaway Beach”
2. “Teenage Lobotomy”
3. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
4. “Don’t Come Close”
5. “I Don’t Care”
6. “She’s The One”
7. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”
8. “Cretin Hop”
9. “Listen To My Heart”
10. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”
11. “Pinhead”
The Old Grey Whistle Test — London (9/19/78)
12. “Don’t Come Close”
13. “She’s The One”
14. “Go Mental”
Top of the Pops — London (9/28/78)
15. “Don’t Come Close”
Oakland, CA (12/28/78)
16. “I’m Against It”
17. “Needles And Pins”
San Francisco Civic Center, S.F., CA (6/9/79)
18. “I Want You Around”
19. “I’m Affected”
20. “California Sun”
The Old Grey Whistle Test — London (1/15/78)
21. “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School”
22. “Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?”
Top of the Pops — London (1/31/80)
23. “Baby I Love You”
Sha Na Na — L.A., CA (5/19/80)
24. “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School”
Mandagsborsen — Stockholm, Sweden (10/26/81)
25. “We Want The Airwaves”
TVE Musical Express — Madrid, Spain (11/17/81)
26. “This Business Is Killing Me”
27. “All Quiet On The Eastern Front”
US Festival — San Bernardino, CA (9/3/82)
28. “Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?”
29. “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”
30. “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School”
31. “I Wanna Be Sedated”
32. “Beat On The Brat”
33. “The KKK Took My Baby Away”
34. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
35. “Chinese Rocks”
36. “Teenage Lobotomy”
The Old Grey Whistle Test — London (2/26/85)
37. “Wart Hog”
38. “Chasing The Night”
Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2/3/87)
39. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
40. “Freak Of Nature”
41. “Crummy Stuff”
42. “Love Kills”
43. “I Don’t Care”
44. “Too Tough To Die”
45. “Mama’s Boy”
Provinssirock Festival, Seinajoki, Finland (6/4/88)
46. “I Don’t Want You Anymore”
47. “Weasel Face”
48. “Garden Of Serenity”
49. “I Just Want To Have Something To Do”
50. “Surfin’ Bird”
51. “Cretin Hop”
52. “Somebody Put Something In My Drink”
53. “We’re A Happy Family”
R.I.T., Rochester, NY (10/8/88)
54. “Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio”
55. “Wart Hog”
Rolling Stone Club — Milan, Italy (3/16/92)
56. “Psycho Therapy”
57. “I Believe In Miracles”
58. “I Wanna Live”
59. “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)”
60. “Pet Sematary”
61. “Animal Boy”
62. “Pinhead”
Top of the Pops — London (6/29/95)
63. “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”
River Plate Stadium — Estadio Antonio V. Liverti — Buenos Aires, Argentina (3/16/96)
64. “I Wanna Be Sedated”
65. “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.”
66. “Blitzkrieg Bop”



Rock History

Rock and Roll Report Blitz: The Backsliders

From Dallas, Texas come the Backsliders, another very cool unsigned band loaded with soul and hooks. I absolutely love Fat Girls which is slated for their upcoming CD You’re Welcome scheduled for release sometime this fall.

Have a listen to Typically I Don’t Mind and the beautiful Pass On All Your Fears for a nice variety in sound and texture. Kim Pendelton has just enough of that scratch in her vocal to make this worth multiple listens. Great stuff.

Check out their MySpace page at and have a listen for yourself.



Rock Radio 2.0

Is the Hobbyist Internet Radio Broadcaster a Dying Breed Already?

internet-radio.jpgInternet Radio is increasing it’s listener base by leaps and bounds every year, especially with people at work during the day who tune in on their computers and yet the very diversity of the medium is under threat. In the United States, the organization tasked with collecting royalty payments on behalf of 90% of all artists is putting the screws to Internet radio stations by insisting they pay a massive increase in their royalty rates based on a per-song basis. What that will do is drive out the hobbyist broadcasters, those who are in it more for the passion than the profit, something covered very well in the New York Times article Online and On the Edge.

I shake my head that the mainstream music industry continues to miss the opportunities that new technology presents to them. Hobbyist Internet broadcasters, just like podcasters bring something that no publicity firm can buy and that is passion. Passion for the music they play, passion for the artists they support and passion for wanting to promote them to anybody that will listen, And while the scale may be small, in this Web 2.0 world great things can emerge from small, grassroots movements.

The thing about all of us who write about and broadcast the music we love just for the love of it is that we are in many ways more pro-artist than organizations like Soundexchange and most major labels. The last thing we want to do is screw the artists we are playing and promoting. As a matter of fact, I make it a priority to feature as many ways as possible for people to connect with and buy the music from the artists that I feature because they need the money to keep doing what they do. It is much more of a partnership than anything the mainstream music biz offers mainly because the artist is the one calling the shots.

It would be a real shame if the small-time Internet radio broadcasters are driven out of business due to the complete lack of understanding of this Web 2.0 world that we live in. While music is a business, passion is what leads to profits and short term greed will just result in long term grief. As more and more artists start taking control of their masters and rights and forging partnerships with podcasters, bloggers and small Internet radio broadcasters, mainstream media will only have itself to blame for missing the proverbial boat. Don’t slam the door on the way out!



Odds & Sods

Porn & Rock and Roll – Getting Hot and Heavy Together

tera-wray.jpgI have written about the connection between porn and rock and roll a number of times (Porn and Rock and Roll, More Porn and Rock and Roll) and the connection continues to grow stronger. I’m not sure what that says about rock and roll since it is by definition a very sexy thing but it certainly points the way towards the continued mainstreaming of the porn industry. With everybody from Eddie Van Halen writing two songs for the soundtrack to the porn film Sacred Sin to Dave Navarro directing the porn flick Broken with Tera Patrick to Gene Simmons’ soft-core antics and the increasing popularity of Playboy mansion parties again, porn seems to be stepping from the sidelines and on to center stage, often with a rocker draped on her arm.

This trend continues with the announcement that Pleasure Productions has released their latest heavy metal series called Radium. The brainchild of director Matt Zane, it features the latest metal videos, band interviews, and “loads of hot and heavy porn.” According to Zane:

“The combination of Metal and Porn has finally been linked within the mainstream world. Tera Wray was just on the entire Ozzfest Tour. Their is no one better to front this new video series.”

Pleasure Productions starlet and Kentucky native, Tera Wray, hosts this new series. Wray interviewed some of metal’s hottest up-and-coming acts. She also plays a diverse mix of new metal videos, and addresses all things metal – culturally, musically and sexually on “Radium.” Creating the perfect marriage of extremity, the premier episode of “Radium” features the entire Earache Records roster – including videos from MUNICIPAL WASTE, THE BERZERKER, MORTIIS, and WITH PASSION. This issue also includes a live interview with Tera Wray and WITH PASSION at the California Metal Fest, as well as Tera getting a drum lesson from SOCIETY 1 drummer Berzerk Kirk.

Matt Zane will be producing the series, firmly standing by the budding alt-porn industry, recognizing the relevance of this union stating “people always will want to see porn, and metal has been around since the 70’s.”

Like I said, porn is going mainstream and is no longer relegating to the dressing room or closed hotel rooms. Like it or not the sex is back big time in Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. The rebellion rolls on…

Check out the trailer but don’t be an idiot and open it up at work!

Live Rock and Roll

Pop Montreal is Coming October 3 – 7, 2007!

pop.pngI would be extremely negligent if I didn’t mention that our very own Pop Montreal is coming October 3-7, 2007. Featuring bands too numerous to mention plus seminars as part of the Pop Conference and a Film and Art festival, check out the website for all the details and by all means let me know if you will be in town. I still haven’t made my plans but I will be out and about for sure.



Rock Radio 2.0

3 Amigos Playlist on CKUT FM for September 24, 2007

regencymagazineadvert.jpgWell it was a bit of a crazy night last night as the 3 Amigos took over the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT 90.3 FM for another hour of rock and roll. Let’s see there was a fire just up the street from the studio, people were running around in their underwear and Shanks found out he was going to be a dad 3 minutes before airtime! And we still had time to play some music. This is what we played:

Song – Album – Artist

  1. Hypnotized – Start Again – The Singles
  2. Destination Nowhere – Full Breach Kicks Sampler – Street Brats
  3. Dynamo – Big Eye Little Eye – The Golden Dogs
  4. 1000 Years – The Road from Here… – The Underhills
  5. I Found Out – Wait For Me – Pigeon Detectives
  6. Television – No Cover Art – Hard Fi
  7. Wait For the Radio – Hats Off to the Buskers – The View
  8. Waiting – Stereomovers – Stereomovers
  9. White Tiger – Wine for My Weakness – Petur Ben
  10. Rumors – The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter – Josh Ritter
  11. Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe – The Stage Names – Okkervil River

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast