Opportunities with Mötley Crüe and Guitar Center

One up-and-coming band will win the chance to open for Mötley Crüe

Continuing its commitment to the support of aspiring artists, Guitar Center and Mötley Crüe announced today the launch of Guitar Center On-Stage – Your Chance To Make Rock History. Guitar Center On-Stage and the world’s most notorious rock band will provide one up-and-coming band the chance to open Mötley’s 2009 tour.

Starting today, through September 21 2008, bands across the United States are invited to submit their music at for a chance to win a prize package that includes an opening slot on Mötley Crüe’s 2009 U.S. tour (dates to be announced at a later date), $25,000 cash, $20,000 in exclusive new gear from Gibson Guitar, management from Tenth St. Entertainment, and a recording deal from Eleven Seven Music, Mötley’s management and record label.

Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars notes, “Our partnership with Guitar Center gives us the opportunity to help an up-and-coming band by giving them every element needed to succeed. Like Ozzy did for us when he took an unknown band called Mötley Crüe on the road, we too are looking for the next generation’s great rock band.”

For additional details, rules, and regulations and to enter for your chance to make rock history please visit:

Triple R Girl

Women Who Rock! Introducing Triple R Girl and Bassist Extraordinaire Crystal Fawn

Opportunities Rock Radio 2.0

Starfire Radio Supports Indie Artists

(PRESS RELEASE) We support Indie artists! If you are an independent artist solely looking for exposure and airplay for your music compositions, send mp3 tracks or a CD to us along with a written description of your work. Because of the large volume of material we receive, we cannot return your submissions. If your music is compatible to the artists we air on the station, we will contact you.

Due to increased radio broadcasting costs, we do NOT pay royalties of any kind. A release form must be signed/returned before your music may be aired on STARFIRE RADIO.

Reviews and Suggestions

Demians – Building an Empire (InsideOut/SPV)

You would think from looking at the label releasing Demains’ debut CD that the music contained therein would be metal or, at the very least, hard rock. But you would be wrong in this case, surprisingly enough, as Demians’ new CD is more of a prog-rock album than anything else.

Rock and Roll Report TV Rock on Film

Rock and Roll Report TV Presents: Dig!

This is a pretty cool rock doc about the rivalry (whether for real or just in the head of Anton A. Newcombe is up to you to decide) between the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre called Dig! The brand new Snag Films has made this and a bunch of other documentaries available for free. Look for more rock docs as they are made available.



Rock and Roll Report Podcast #23 – A Refreshing Bit of Unpredictability

This week’s podcast is a bit of a change in that the music I play comprise some pretty wide range of styles with it veering almost into the pop category. Regardless of what genre you want to classify these songs in they are all great and I want to be at least somewhat unpredictable with the podcast since what is the fun if I only play everything that sounds similar?

By all means let me know what you thought of the show. Email me at or leave a voice comment on the listener line at 206-339-3646.

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Here is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. It’s Not The First Time by Sarah Vonderhaar
  3. Pretty Little Girl by The Silentreatment
  4. Keeping Up With The Jones’ by Corey Tut
  5. Orion’s Light by Telling On Trixie
  6. Cop Light Parade by High on Stress
  7. No Guarantees by The Rationales
  8. She Roxx by Chewy Marble
  9. Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways
  10. Freedom by The Boxing Lesson
  11. I Wish It Were Mine by Amy Lennard
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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Catch you next week.


Click any of the links below to buy the music of the artists played on this week’s podcast.

THE SILENTREATMENT: Sinful Acts Of AudioCOREY TUT: Everything
TELLING ON TRIXIE: Telling on TrixieHIGH ON STRESS: Moonlight Girls
THE RATIONALES: The Going and The GoneCHEWY MARBLE: Modulations
THE BOXING LESSON: Wild Streaks & Windy DaysAMY LENNARD: ep

Reviews and Suggestions

Nerf Herder – Nerf Herder IV (Oglio Records)

Taking their name from an epithet hurled at Han Solo by Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back, this band of nerd rockers (made up of singer/guitarist Parry Gripp, drummer Steve “The Cougar” Sherlock, and bassist Charlie Dennis) is now entering it’s second decade with all members intact, no small feat in its’ own right considering popular bands today go through more members than your typical McDonald’s in a six-month timespan.

Artists and Bands

Three Miles Out

Before 2008, the Cleveland, OH-based band Three Miles Out had previously released two albums: TMO in October of 2000, and That’s Life in November of 2001. With the release of the two albums, the band had started growing it’s fan base and started playing larger venues. In fact, Three Miles Out has the distinction of being the only unsigned Cleveland band to have played all of the major venues in the city. This includes Cleveland Browns Stadium, The House of Blues, The Hard Rock Café, and Peabody’s Downunder.

Rock and Roll Report TV

Rock and Roll Report TV – The Sophmore Jakes – Fast Bullets For Fast Kids

The Sophmore Jakes are a great young band from Fort Macleod, Alberta who have just released their debut full-length and are set to embark on a major North American tour. Enjoy.

Rock Biz

Matheson Interviews Mona Loring of MLC PR

When you have music you want to get into the public’s hands, there are several ways of doing it: You can look for a record label that would want to help you put the music out, you can do the whole production yourself and hope enough people find out about the music to at least make back the money you put into the release, or you can look for a publicity firm that will help you get the publicity that your music deserves with a label or on your own.

If you are interested in the publicity route, there are many publicity firms that are always on the lookout for talent that deserves to be exposed. One of those firms is MLC PR. What follows is an interview with the owner of MLC PR, Mona Loring.

1 How long have YOU (Mona Loring) been in the business?

I have been in business since spring 2006 and it’s been crazy how much the firm has grown! I can’t imagine where we will be in 2010. It is thrilling.

2 How did you get started doing the publicity thing? And what was your reason for getting into the publicity business?

It was rather serendipitous… My first job in PR was as a PR Director for a children’s book publisher called Playdate Kids Publishing. The president of the company owned a music video production company where I had interned at in college so she already knew my work ethic and liked how I could think outside of the box. After she read of the materials I had published, she called and asked me to work for her on the spot. I was already making a living writing freelance, but I always had an interest in PR– just never thought I could get into it without working at a large company first. I decided to take a chance and really go for it. Since my passion was always in the entertainment industry, soon after I was working as the PR Director, I sought after people in the music and TV/film industries. I offered them great rates and asked them to give me a chance. I simply explained how I was a smart girl who’d do them well—and they’d save a ton of money on the rate. Without hesitation many of them agreed… It just continued expanding from there.

3 When did you start MLC? (Different meaning and answer than first question)

I’ve been in the business just as long as I have owned MLC. It can be confusing to anyone who tries to trace the history though. You see, I started out as M. Loring Communications. It was the name of the company I had when I was freelance writing, copywriting, etc. When I started out as a PR Director and worked my way into other areas of publicity, I decided I’d rather be MLC PR. I applied for a new business name and branded the firm under that moniker. Later, when Jennifer Lyneis (my VP of Record Promotion) came on board to form a music services company, I went back to the M. Loring Communications Company (and name) and re-launched it as multi-service music firm. Luckily, I mapped it all out well and no one has been confused! It wasn’t easy changing it all around but I am glad it worked out. Both companies are within my corporation, Mona Loring Inc.

4 Where are you located?

Our office is located in Agoura Hills, California. We’re about 30 minutes north of Los Angeles and south of Ventura. We’re not in the hub of Hollywood, but we love the location!

5 What are some of the services you offer through the company?

Through MLC PR, we offer public relations. This includes image consulting, press release writing and distribution, tour press, regional and nation press, new media coverage, music promotions, article placement, crisis communications, reputation management and much more. We basically have everything to do with someone’s career in the public eye. At M. Loring Communications we offer radio promotion (getting an artist spinning on FM radio nationally), artist development, corporate sponsorship, music licensing and endorsements. I am currently in the process of expanding to offer booking services as well. Basically, from independent artists to record labels, we can offer almost every service needed. All that’s left out is advertising, distribution and management (and booking FOR NOW).

6 Are there specific people you are looking for that can use your services? (Do you only accept certain people? Or if they can pay, you’ll take anyone on as a client?)

Definitely not. I am very picky about MLC PR clientele. Image is everything so why would I represent what I think is “bad” music? I don’t. So to answer your question, I am looking for indie and mainstream artists in ALL genres who are driven, talented and going places. To take a client on, they do have minimum requirements that need to be met. For example, an artist who doesn’t have at least an EP out should at least have a single and a decent tour lined up. We can’t make the media write about just anyone… we need a story… we need events, products, facts…

7 About how many clients are currently on your roster?

It varies. Some clients need a lot more than others. We typically represent about 13-15 clients at any given point. We book out ahead and plan for newcomers.

8 Some of the most notable names on your roster.

I’ve represented several notable names that have come and gone due to the nature of the business. I represented two knockouts from American Idol last year: Sabrina Sloan and Alaina Alexander. Most people know Shane Sparks (“So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew”) well. I also rep Francia Raisa (actress “The Cutting Edge 3” and ABC Family’s new show “ The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), Crosby Loggins (son of Kenny Loggins and Jive Records recording artists), Chelsea E. (Paradise Hotel 2 actress and pop singer) and Montana Tucker (pop singer from “Step Up 2”). I have a feeling that by next year, people will know many of my lesser known artists as well! Notable or not, I love them all dearly!

9 Some of the most promising up-and-coming clients on your roster.

Oh nice lead in! Obviously I feel that everyone I sign is promising, so let me just give you a recent breakdown on some clients. Bag of Toys is blowing up. After just one press release Jen Lyneis was able to get the band licensed on both TV (Fox’s”Bones) and film (TBA). Kaitlyn Anderson is getting a lot of attention commercially due to both her talent and fresh faced appearance, Fiance is getting a solid buzz locally in Denver which we feel is about to ooze over nationally, Stanfour is already on Universal in Germany so it’s only a matter of time until they’re known in the states, Phoenix Block sounds like U2 and Coldplay—need I say more? Lastly, Stealing Jane is a band in New York that is getting a ton of buzz and has some serious potential.

10 Some of the up-and-coming things that will be happening to your company?

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am always up to something new. At this time, I am in talks with a start up label. They want MLC for PR and record promotion. If we do this successfully, (which I know we will) it will be a start of something incredible. The music industry is changing and independent artists and labels have more power than anyone ever imagined they could. We’re here to push independent thinking—even major labels need this frame of mind.

11 Where do you see the music industry headed in 5 years from now?

I always kid that this topic could make an entire chapter in a book. The music industry has changed immensely because of the Internet. In the next five years, I believe the music industry will see a shift in music distribution and promotion, leading to more and more independent artists and labels legitimately competing with the majors. I can’t wait to see what happens. This newfound freedom is exciting. People with talent actually have a chance at making it independently.

If you are interested in the services that MLC PR offers, you can get in contact with Mona Loring by calling her at 818 706-8080. You can also reach her via e-mail at For more information, go to for PR and for her music firm.

Matheson Kamin