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CD Review: Jason Andrew Brown S/T

Jason Andrew Brown is a singer-songwriter who has spent the last twenty years performing in and around the Indianapolis area in several bands. With those bands, Brown was able to develop his skills as a guitarist as well as a singer-songwriter. However, it wasn’t until the recent past that Jason Andrew Brown decided to allow his inner singer-songwriter shine a little bit more.

Not that long ago, Jason Andrew Brown decided to take the solo route and start playing on stage by himself. Not only did he start performing on his own, he started writing on his own as well. The result of that solo composing is a new 5-song self-titled release.

The self-titled EP from Jason Andrew Brown begins with the track “Shine Sun Shine”. The track has a musical approach that contains a slightly familiar feeling to it as the song has some influence from Jack Johnson. The track features a sound that combines Rock and Roll and a little Jazz feeling. Before long, the track’s musical blend takes on a much harder feel. The resulting track of “Shine Sun Shine” would easily fit on today’s Top 40 radio.

For the second track of the EP, Jason Andrew Brown takes his music in a slightly retro direction as the song “Stranger” contains a style that would have been right at home back in the late eighties/early nineties. On the song “Stranger,” Brown’s musical approach as well as lyrical style combine to produce a track that sounds and feels like something that would have easily appeared on Toy Matinee’s self-titled album from back in 1990. The Rock and Roll style that makes up “Stranger” from Jason Andrew Brown reflects the very similar style and sound of the music produced by Kevin Gilbert and the rest of Toy Matinee. The track feels as if it were a lost track off of Toy Matinee’s only release as “Stranger” from Jason Andrew Brown would fit right beside tracks like “Last Plane Out” and/or “Things She Said”.

Jason Andrew Brown takes a softer approach on the next track. “Emptiness is Forever” finds Brown accompanied by only an acoustic guitar. With only the acoustic guitar to accompany him, Brown’s voice stands out more on this track than on any other song on Brown’s self-titled release. With the rather sparse production value of only the guitar and vocal on the track, the rather sad lyrics about a life taken too soon come through with clarity. With this track, “Emptiness is Forever” shows off Jason Andrew Brown’s songwriting ability.

With the track “Make Time,” the new release from Jason Andrew Brown becomes a lot more energetic. While Brown had given the listener a glimpse of what he could do with a Rock and Roll track on “Stranger,” he truly added a lot more energy to the music for “Make Time”. This track features real electric guitars and a strong beat. With a sound that finds Brown combining influences from Love and Rockets and David Bowie, “Make Time” contains a sound that fits in somewhere between Glam Rock and Alternative Rock. “Make Time” Is easily the most rockin’ track on Jason Andrew Brown’s new EP.

The new self-titled release from Jason Andrew Brown comes to an end with the track “Icarus (for the Falling Man)”. The track features both an acoustic guitar as well as a piano. The two instruments combine to create music that is soft and yet strong at the same time. The slow pace of the music seems to only give strength to Brown’s lyrics as he sings about his choices leading up to his final moments. The finality contained within the lyrics of the track adds to the feeling of the EP coming to an end. While it does not have a very upbeat message, “Icarus (for the Falling Man)” does show off Jason Andrew Brown’s strong ability as a songwriter/storyteller.

Throughout the five tracks that make up Jason Andrew Brown’s self-titled EP, the singer-songwriter writes songs that stand on their own as easily as they blend together to create a solid debut release. And with the five songs each having a different approach as far at their styles are concerned, the self-titled release helps to show off Brown’s ability as a writer. The five songs that make up the EP for Jason Andrew Brown only hint at what is to come for this talented writer.

To hear some of the music of Jason Andrew Brown, click the link for the song “Shine Sun Shine“.

For more information, check out Jason Andrew Brown’s PR firm of RMG Media Group.

The self-titled EP from Jason Andrew Brown is about to be released. The singer-songwriter will be celebrating the EP’s release on April 29, 2017. Click
HERE for more information.

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