40 Albums that Rolling Stone Got Wrong

rollingstone-mag.jpgRolling Stone magazine certainly does not have the authority that it once had as the arbiter of rock and roll cool and I am sure we all take their reviews with a large grain of salt in this Web 2.0 age but Shoutmouth published an excellent piece recently (something that I wanted to do. Damn that NeutralMilk!) called 40 Albums that Rolling Stone Got Wrong. While it is definitely one man’s opinion, it is a perfect antidote for the self-important hype the magazine is shoving down our throats with their 40th anniversary. A good read.



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  1. Check out what they said about the song, “Imagine” in the October 28, 1971 issue (a wonderful time capsule snapshot of the time, BTW).

    “‘Imagine’ for instance, is simply the consolidation of primal awareness into a world movement. It asks that we imagine a world without religions or nations, and that such a world would mean brotherhood and peace. The singing is methodical, but not really skilled, the melody undistinguishable, except for the bridge, which sounds nice to me.”

    Who would have guessed from that the song was destined to become one of the all-time classics?

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