Matheson Kamin’s “Best Of” List for 2013

It is now time for my 2013 “Best Of” list. This time around, the list will be slightly different for me: There will be the usual best albums of the year; however, some of the selections did not appear on … Continue reading

CD Review: Heavy Glow “Midnight Moan”

California-based Heavy Glow is a power trio that features a certain amount of “heaviness” to their sound, which makes the band’s moniker rather appropriate. At times, the band sounds like early Cream and at other times, they take on a … Continue reading

Antics with attitude in Aberdare: The Nukes and Clay Statues

Have you ever made a spur of the moment decision and gone off on a whim, chasing a gut feeling? And don’t you just love it when this pays off? Well, I recently trucked off up to Aberdare in the … Continue reading

The Edification of Lick And A Promise

You may have recently read my review of Come Together In The Morning by Lick And A Promise. Well, I have just had a chat with them regarding their formation, influences and instrument choice. They also talked a little about … Continue reading

Neil Nathan talks about his debut record, ongoing influences from his youth and what if Cat Stevens were Bono…

Neil Nathan’s debut record, The Distance Calls, merges ’70s style jangle pop with modern singer-songwriter smarts. He is equal parts Cat Stevens and Matthew Sweet, and he recently took a few moments to entertain some of our questions… Q: Neil – … Continue reading

The Quick & Easy Boys talk Red Light Rabbit, destroying the universe, and crazy, salacious women

Oregon’s The Quick & Easy Boys are back with their second full-length album, Red Light Rabbit, which fuses many musical styles, including country and rock. The result is a high energy album that is fun to listen to and will … Continue reading

Reliving some of Osheaga 2010’s greatest musical moments, from The National to Arcade Fire

Where else in the world would you rather have been on Saturday, July 31 than in Montreal, where the annual Osheaga Music and Arts Festival went down? Over twenty bands shared this eminent day, as music junkies gathered from across … Continue reading