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A Consciousness Raising Coffee Break

WARNING: This has nothing to do with Rock and Roll!

I don’t know about you but I love my coffee, perhaps sometimes too much! The aroma, the taste, the culture and the welcome effect on my system all add up to a quiet love affair with the exotic bean. If you are at all concerned with how your coffee consumption affects the environment, have a look at Coffee & Conversation, a very cool blog. According to the site:

The purpose of Coffee & Conservation is to provide information about the connection between coffee and the environment — especially bird habitat. The huge worldwide surge in demand for coffee has resulted in a shift from traditional, sustainable coffee growing methods (with coffee plants grown in the shade of a diverse understory) to intense monocultures that require large inputs of fertilizer and pesticides which bring about a loss in biodiversity and quickly deplete the land.

In the Western Hemisphere, traditional coffee plantations harbor a wide variety of birds, and they are crucial as wintering habitat to dozens of species of birds that breed in North America but winter in the tropics.

Have a look and get informed and then trying and make your coffee purchases accordingly. Every little bit helps.