Odds & Sods

A Letter From the Editor

If you are a regular visitor of the Rock and Roll Report you may have been wondering about the dearth of material this week but fear not! Because of you we had to move! That’s right. Because so many of you great music fans are hungry for some amazing rock and roll, you know the kind that tends to be ignored by the commercial rock media, we were forced to move to a new hosting service that could better accommodate us. Amazingly enough The Rock and Roll Report is growing each and every month, so much so that we outgrew our old home and moved over to the amazing folks at Media Temple.

The move gave the gang here at the Report a chance to rest but now that things are back to normal we are revving up our rock and roll engines and resuming our normal publication schedule. By Monday you will have your regular daily fix of what we think is some great music that is just too damn good to be ignored.

We hope you enjoy it!

Mark Boudreau
Editor – Publisher – General Fixer Upper