A Look Back At Some Banned Cover Art

roxy-music-banned.JPGGibson has a great piece on eleven examples where the original cover art submitted to a record label by a band were banned at some point in their existence (and no, “Smell the Glove” was not included). Some of the examples I am familiar with but some of them border on the ridiculous, I mean banning a Mamas and Papas record because of a toilet? I admit though that the Lynyrd Skynard cover is just eerie…

Never the less, this is an interesting trip down rock history’s back lane. You can get the full article at A Rough Guide to Banned Cover Art.



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  1. The original Blind Faith cover has always intrigued me in a disquieting sort of way. I assume the model was of legal age, but even so, the adolescent look they were after is more than a little disturbing. You just have to wonder what the hell they were thinking. While the LP cover was changed, the original turned up again on a cassette version I have that’s a good twenty years old if not older, so it didn’t get completely suppressed.

    It would be interesting to track down the model to see what she’s doing today (if she’s still alive) and get her take on how she got involved in the first place, what the whole point of the picture was, and what effect it had on her life. I’ve often wondered if she went on to have a successful career of some sort, just faded into obscurity, or met an early demise as another casualty of that era.

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