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A New Spin on Montreal

Montreal Now I am no Spin Magazine fan as you may or may not know (my tastes run to Harp, Mojo and Magnet with an order of Ugly Things and Shindig on the side) but when I heard that they were doing a 5 page spread on Montreal as “the next big scene” my first and only reaction was….buy it! I have no problem with encouraging others to do the same as Montreal is a great, cosmopolitan city that is in many ways an unknown gem, especially when it comes to rock and roll. With the Dears, Sam Roberts, Arcade Fire, High Dials, up and coming sensations Pony Up! and many more, all I can say is if you ever were considering visiting our fair city, come for the food, stay for the rock and roll. You won’t be disappointed.
UPDATE! The New York Times has jumped on the bandwagon in their piece Cold Fusion: Montreal’s Explosive Music Scene. While some in the Montreal music community think the attention is great, others are not so sure according to the article Seattle Redux? by T’Cha Dunlevy of the Montreal Gazette.