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A Note About MP3 Downloads on the Rock and Roll Report

I was checking out a great blog called An American Parrothead in Canada and I noticed that it too is going to start posting MP3s once a week of cool stuff to listen to, which is great. This has spurred me to copy a note posted to that blog about bandwidth but first a quick note about the MP3s that The Rock and Roll Report links to. Unless otherwise noted, all MP3 links posted on The Rock and Roll Report originate from the official website of the band in question or their record label or authorized downloading service. These are legal downloads available for you to enjoy as a kind of sonic sampler. With that in mind and in view of the fact that there is the potential for me to go over my allotted bandwidth this month for the first time in Rock and Roll Report history I humbly request that you read and try to follow the following guidelines:

Please help me save bandwidth by not downloading multiple songs at once and PLEASE don’t direct link to any individual tracks. Likewise, it’s best for my bandwidth if you download first to your computer and listen to it later rather than streaming. Most importantly, if you like an artist you hear here, you should definitely do your best to take the knowledge you gain here and go out and BUY THEIR ALBUMS. If you can’t get to a local independent record store then try ordering through The Rock and Roll Report. Whether it be Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes or Not Lame you will be supporting both the band and this website by doing so as well as treating your ears to some fine rock and roll.

Finally, if you are a musician and feel like getting out the word about your own MP3 don’t be shy! E-mail me a link to the MP3 in question (please don’t e-mail me the MP3 itself) and we’ll see if we can get a little bit of “digital airplay” going. I am investigating the Dropload service to make things even easier and I’ll let you know when that is all set up. Thanks for all the MP3s I have received so far and I look forward to discovering more in the future. Just please have patience as it is taking me a bit of time to get through them all, but it’s been a blast doing it!


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