A Quick Reflection on Family and Friends

This past weekend I was the the guest at a surprise birthday party for me and 65 of my closest friends in light of my turning 40 in less than two weeks (yikes!). Apart from the fact that it was a total and complete surprise, it was great to spend time with close friends and family, laughing, drinking and goofing around while toasting each other’s continued good health and happiness. Now I don’t mean to get all misty-eyed on you but as I think back on that great night I realize that rock and roll is only fun, and I mean truly fun when it is experienced in the company of those you truly care about. Sure we all cherish those moments with the headphones on in the dim light of our favourite listening room, charting another sonic journey with a pile of CDs in hand but when you really think about it, often times our best rock and roll experiences don’t involve the music that was being played at all but instead are a direct result of being with those people that you shared the experience with. At least for me that is usually the case and for that I will continue to be thankful. Thank you Sandy, thank you my friends. It was a night to cherish and remember.