Rock Radio 2.0

A Re-Introduction to Rock and Roll Report Radio

small-ckut-console.jpgI have been getting some nice comments about my monthly stint on the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM here in Montreal and heard around the world on the ‘Net called Rock and Roll Report Radio. What started out as a fill-in gig for regular host Doug Ford has evolved into a regular solo monthly radio show with another monthly appearance as part of the 3 Amigos, which is myself, Doug and UK rock and roller Armitage Shanks who also has a monthly radio show in the same 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST time slot.

I originally got involved in CKUT because I was looking for some real world training in radio before embarking on my podcast (which is to debut any month now!) and volunteering at a community radio station was just the ticket. While working in the record library I somehow managed to fill in on a two hour all-Canadian indie show called Underground Sounds which is still broadcast Mondays from 8:00 – 10:00 PM EST right before Drastic after a full 30 minutes of on-air training (it was summer so a lot of people were on vacation). On the drive home I was listening to Doug’s show and I really liked what I heard so I called him up and not long after he asked me to fill in on Drastic Plastic and from there we never looked back.

The cool thing about Rock and Roll Report Radio, which will next be broadcast on July 16th, 2007 is that there are multiple ways to listen. You can listen the old fashioned way over the air at 90.3 FM here in Montreal, you can listen to it live over the ‘Net at or you can download the podcast for a full week from the date of broadcast, the link to which I always post on The Rock and Roll Report along with the playlist and links to the bands that were played. If you missed the show and more than a week has passed you can still listen to it streaming at the archives, all you need to know is the date, select Drastic Plastic and enjoy!

So for those of you new to Rock and Roll Report Radio or current listeners wanting to listen to a show you might have missed, here is the complete listing of show dates with links to the playlists for your reading and listening pleasure. I hope you can tune in on Monday night and get your rocks off with me. Now does that sound kinda weird or what? LOL

The mission of Rock and Roll Report Radio has not changed since its inception and will carry over to the podcast. It is to have fun playing some of the greatest rock and roll out there that is sadly overlooked by commercial rock radio, usually because it is on some small indie or DIY label or the band is unsigned. One listen to Rock and Roll Report Radio and I think you will be convinced that it puts the rock back into rock radio. If only some of these big shot commercial DJs and program directors would do a bit of digging as they would be amazed at the gold that they would find.

See ya on Monday!