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A Site Update and More About Greg Shaw

Just a quick note to everybody that I will resume regular posting on Wednesday October 27th. In the meantime for those looking for some updates on the passing of Greg Shaw you should check out Rock Critics Daily who have some great Greg Shaw related links that you can read. In addition they are planning a tribute page in the near future which is quite fitting and I look forward to contributing my little collection of musings. I have been listening to a lot of recent Bomp releases in the last few days while reading the numerous notes of condolences and memories around the Internet and while Greg Shaw’s passing is an incredibly sad event, it is nice to see that Bomp and the people inspired by the Bomp esthetic will continue to rock on in his memory. I also understand that there will be a memorial for Greg and as soon as I learn the details I will post them to The Rock and Roll Report ASAP. Finally, if you want to hear the music that was so much a part of Greg’s life, Evan Davies had a wonderful tribute to Greg on WFMU last night (actually early morning). The playlist can be found here, the MP3 archive, which will remain posted for 2 weeks can be found here and the Real Audio archive which remains posted online “in perpetuity” can be found here. So until Wednesday, go turn the volume of your stereo up just a little louder, give someone special a big hug and take care of yourself.
UPDATED! The Report will return Wednesday not Thursday.