A Taste of Japanese Rock and Roll

Japan and rock and roll are fascinating together. The Japanese really like and know their rock and roll yet it is sometimes difficult to really understand what is going on there unless you either play or live there. I am trying to get a feel for the country’s rock and roll scene and in doing so I was recommended two magazines. The first is Strange Days. I have no clue what the actual text means but I have been investigating as many links as possible as well as using all kinds of online translation tools and what I am reading and hearing is all really cool. Not only is Strange Days a magazine but it is also a record label and I don’t need no stinkin’ translation program to listen to the MP3s there. Listen to some of this stuff for a really exotic rock and roll experience. Another highly recommended Japanese rock and roll magazine is Cookie Scene. They call themselves “Pop and Independent” and that caught my attention right away. Very slick and very interesting, they too have some wild MP3s that you can listen to so grab yourself a can of Sapporo and start downloading your way to Japanese rock and roll heaven. Make sure you have your operating system disks nearby, as you will probably be prompted for them to download Japanese fonts.