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Aerosmith Guitarist is high on Sierra Leone band

Joe Perry has thrown his name behind many things, including hot sauce and guitar picks, but now he¹s putting his might behind something a little more weighty: specifically, a band called the Refugee All Stars. The band hails from Sierra Leone, which was rocked by civil war for much of the past 15 years, sending millions of refugees to nearby countries. As soon as the Aerosmith guitarist learned about the Refugee All Stars, he knew he had to help get the word about them.

“The fact they were able to surmount the problems of keeping body and soul together to keep the dream of having a band and recording a record, just to be part of that, even a little bit is really satisfying.” Aerosmith¹s Joe Perry sponsored a Refugee All Stars concert that took place June 30, 2006 in Woodstock, New York.

Source: 2006 Punmaster’s MusicWire

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