Alberto Rigoni Gives Us “Something Different”

alberto-rigoni.jpgWhen you think of songwriters, most of the people that come to mind are singers, guitarists, or keyboard players. Very rarely will you find a drummer like Phil Collins or a bass player like Tony Levin who not only have the talent to play their instrument with excellent skill, but also the talent to write their own songs; especially enough songs to fill an entire album.

Italy’s Alberto Rigoni is one of those rare bass players that can outshine many of the musicians in the musical world, and can also impress with his ability to write music. One of the most impressive things about Alberto and his ability to compose is that, while having a background that is heavily steeped in progressive rock or heavy metal, the music that Alberto has composed is not stuck in one frame of mind or genre.

For the last 5 years or so, Rigoni has been playing bass for the Italian progressive rock band Twinspirits. Together, the band and Rigoni released the 2007 album entitled The Music That Will Heal The World. The album is very much in the realm of melodic progressive rock or heavy metal.

It was during the same time that Twinspirits was in the studio to record The Music That Will Heal The World that Alberto Rigoni also took some studio time and went about recording the songs that would become the tracks that make up his album entitled Something Different.

“Something Different” is just that: an album that is made up 10 tracks that feature almost as many styles of music. While Twinspirits is a band that makes progressive rock music, the 10 tracks on Alberto Rigoni’s new album Something Different feature, not only progressive rock, but also jazz, funk, metal and regular rock-n-roll.

Along with Alberto, other people helped make the album come to life. One of the musicians on the album is Alberto’s bandmate from Twinspirits, Tommy Ermolli, who adds guitar to the album. Lorenzo Nizzolini adds keyboards, Enrico Buttol adds drums, Marco Torchia adds e-drums, Daniele Gottardo adds guitar, and Irene Ermolli and Daniele “Kenny” Conte add vocals. Together, the musicians help give Alberto’s music shape.

The Something Different album from Alberto Rigoni begins with the track “The Factory”. The track begins with a loop of sorts of the bass from Rigoni that eventually winds its way into a song that starts off with a slight Industrial feel to the music. Eventually, the music takes on a definite Progressive Rock feel blending equal parts Jazz influence with Rock and Roll influence all led by the pulsating feel of Rigoni’s bass. The keyboards, bass and other instrumentation on the track give the track a resulting musical approach that King Crimson might have created.

Alberto Rigoni continues his release with the song “Trying to Forget”. This is one of the best tracks for Rigoni as the track consists of multiple layers of bass with each layer adding more and more depth to the song. What results is a rather complex Jazz composition that keeps the listener’s attention as they hear each new layer being added to the track. While rather early in the album, the “Trying to Forget” track is easily one of the best songs on the album.

For the next track, Rigoni returns the music to a fuller feel. The track “Glory of Life” brings back the feel of Progressive Rock to the album. In fact, the style of music on the song brings to mind one specific Progressive Rock influence- Rush. On “Glory of Life,” Alberto Rigoni and the rest of the musicians create an instrumental track that feels like an extended instrumental break in many of Rush’s live songs. In fact, the bass passages in this song bring to mind the playing of Geddy Lee.

The track “Bassex” is yet another track on the release that allows the playing of Alberto Rigoni to be the focus of the track. While the bass makes up most of the music of the Rock and Roll track that features a strong danceable grove, singers Irene Ermolli and Daniele “Kenny” Conte add the feminine vocals on the track. With the strong groove, danceable beat and sexy vocals, “Bassex” could possibly be the one track on the album that could be played in a dancehall or disco.

Alberto Rigoni’s Something Release comes to a close with the track entitled “Sweet Tears”. On this track, Rigoni and keyboardist Lorenzo Nizzolini share the spotlight as their two instruments blend together to create a track that feels very much like some love theme in a movie from the eighties. “Sweet Tears” has a gentle pace to the music and ends up being one of the prettiest moments on the album.  

Something Different, the new album from Alberto Rigoni, is a strong release that delivers what it promises: “something different.” With ever-changing sounds and styles, the album never gets stale and keeps the interest of any music lover; a pure pleasure to listen to.

To check out Alberto Rigoni and his music, go to Also visit him on MySpace at You can also find Alberto’s album online worldwide at itunes and many other outlets that can be found through Alberto’s website.

Matheson Kamin