All hail the rock and roll hall of fame!

Well the nominees for this year’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will have taken their place in history by the time you read this as George Harrison, Bob Seger, Prince, Traffic, The Dells, ZZ Top, Jackson Browne and Jann Wenner (!) will have been officially sanctioned by those guardians of rock and roll virtue in Cleveland. I have no problem with the bricks and mortar Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I actually think that it is pretty cool, but these black tie affairs at the Waldorf Astoria (they put the building in Cleveland but don’t even have the decency of hosting the event there) are such a load of crap. Bands like The Dells should be honoured but this is rock and roll, not the Academy Awards for crying out loud. Put on a wild tribute concert once a year (not the bogus “jam” at the end of the ceremonies) and let those musicians who have been influenced by these bands pay tribute to them in the best way possible, by playing their music and then take all the money raised and donate it to an organization like Sweet Relief. At least that would make the whole affair a bit more palatable in my opinion.