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American Heartbreak

American_heartbreakIn my feature on podcasting recently I mentioned the great podcast Rock and Roll Geek Show by Michael Butler who coincidentally is the bass player for the excellent American Heartbreak. Micheal was generous enough to send me a preview copy of their upcoming album and I gotta say the volume knob was pulsing close to max as I listened to some extremely tasty hard rock nuggets that reminded me of the best in straight ahead tunefull hard rock pumped out by bands like Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts and The Darkness. Absolutely great sing along rock and roll that I would very much like to experience live, American Heartbreak continue the fine rock and roll tradition of Marshall stacks, Flying Vs and anthemic rock songs. Check out their music page for streams of the same CD I have been listening to which is scheduled for release in mid-2005 and have a blast. Highly recommended.