Odds & Sods

An Imperfect, Personal History of the Thai Rock N Roll Underground by Jeremy Hartley

Today we conclude Jeremy Hartley’s piece on Thai Rock and Roll. Apart from being a member of Thai/American band The Darlings, Jeremy has proven to be an excellent rock and roll scribe and hopefully he’ll write more in the future (once he’s finished his EP of course). So settle back, crack open a cold beer and get ready for some more Thai rock and roll fun.
Part 3
There are loads and loads of other bands playing diverse styles of music who aren’t really linked with any of the entities mentioned above.
A list will have to suffice: there are a load of bands under the Hualampong Riddim label run by ska-reggae-fusion jazz kingpins T-Bone, including funk rockers Apartment Kuhn Pha and several bands featuring members of T-Bone and Skalaxy that run the gamut from ska to trip hop to jazz. Justice Music deals in nu metal with bands like Ebola and Quake and has been organizing shows at a place called Zest Pub, a hotel bar not far from the Nana red light district. I saw a band today called Pollution that reminded everyone of Nirvana but who were quite good and will be playing the next Noise Pop event. Panda Records has Red Twenty and the infinitely cute and catchy all-girl Bear Garden.
We are also trying to open the scene to bands from the region, particularly from Malaysia and Singapore, both of which have strong music scenes. To date, there has been little interaction between Thailand and its neighbors to the south, which is a problem everyone seems keen to remedy. Malaysia’s Spunky Funggy (pop punk) made it up here last year and I hear that the Singaporean surf-punk band Force Vomit and another called Opposition Party are going to come up. I know that all of these scenes are also looking to mingle more with international bands and would go to great lengths to set up shows for them.
In any case, there are a lot of shows coming up and the number of bands playing out seems to be growing daily. Things are only going to get better.