Rock Radio 2.0

An indie musician speaks out about the recent CRB ruling that imperils Internet radio in the United States

With the Sword of Domocles posed to take out the nascent Internet radio industry in one foul swoop due to the recent CRB ruling, indie musician Matthew Ebel makes a well reasoned argument in support of Internet radio and podcasting. As quoted in RAIN, which is the best source to follow the sequence of events since the CRB ruling, Ebel states:

“You’d think that, as a musician, I’d be overjoyed to see a larger slice of the pie going to publishers and, therefore, guys like me,” Ebel writes. “Hell no. Would I like to see a little chunk of change every time my music gets played anywhere? Of course I would. But am I willing to sacrifice the goodwill of internet broadcasters and their listeners simply to make, quite literally, a nickel?”

RAIN notes that Ebel attributes his following to “enterprising hobbyists with a mic and a Mac Mini spinning my tunes for free” and is one of a growing number of musicians who see this ruling as hindering their carreer instead of helping it. Since podcasters and Internet radio braodcasters are for the most part passionate fans of music, their listenership are listening because they want to listen to, and support the music played. They are not being force-fed some corporate dreck that they do not want to hear and that is what has the major labels running scared.

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