An Indie Paradise in North America

Imagine a place where 90% of the music industry is governed by indie record labels and where they embrace technology and the Internet instead of trying to sue it out of existence. Imagine a place where the music industry nurtures their musicians and promotes them with intelligence, tenacity and creativity to a public that is accepting and even a little daring. Imagine a music industry that is difficult to define because the musicians refuse to be pigeonholed to any one specific musical genre. This is not utopia friends, this is the reality that is the music industry in Québec. I might be exaggerating a little bit for effect but the music industry in Québec, a French music industry, is doing quite well in an ocean of North American English. At The Digital Crossroads is a fascinating article that details what it is that the music industry in Canada’s only French majority province is doing to ensure it’s survival in this day and age of P2P file sharing and the pervasive influence of American culture. Very informative and certainly a hopeful sign for those looking for a ray of light in an industry dominated by the major record labels. Read the story soon as I believe the link expires in 14 days.