An introduction to Ogg Vorbis

There is a movement afoot, if you are not already aware of it, called open source. Open source is essentially a method of developing software where the underlying code is free for all to view and modify. The idea is that the more people involved in writing and reviewing and modifying the software, the higher quality the software will be. This is a complete change to how companies such as Microsoft and Apple operate. Essentially these companies develop their software as a proprietary product that they own and only they can modify, although Apple has been using more and more open source software in their products recently. This open source vision extends to audio, where a bunch of open source developers decided to develop a free and open source audio codec to compete with, and surpass in quality, the MP3 standard. The result is a format called Ogg Vorbis. If you are interested in experimenting with a completely free, non-proprietary and extremely good sounding audio format for your computer, check out the Ogg Vorbis site, download some software and rip a couple of tracks to your computer. Then do the same thing with MP3 and compare the results. The test might surprise you. If you are in anyway interested in helping out, by all means get involved as open source software depends on both the quantity and quality of the developers. Check it out, you might just ruin Bill Gates’ day!