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Another look at Magnatune

I have recently been reading buckman’s magnatune blog, a blog by the founder of the Magnatune Internet record label which I posted about in the past here and here. The more I think about this whole concept, the more I feel it is something worth supporting. It puts musicians front and center but at the same time creates something that has a legitimate business plan that actually helps sustain the whole thing. If you are a musician I believe that it would be worth your while to investigate what they have to offer. I am starting to wonder if the concept would translate well to just rock and roll or does the business depend more on offering as wide a range of musical genres as possible? Really fascinating way to combine a record label that does away with a lot of what people feel is wrong with record labels these days with the promise of technology (yes technology can be good). To me and obviously many others this is a combination that is hard to beat. Between the founder’s blog and the main website there is enough information for you to make a sound (get it?) decision as to whether you would want to get involved. As a music fan you can just enjoy the music and if you like what they are selling go for it.