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Are Music Blogs The Great Hope For Rock Journalism?

Apparently it’s a bad time to be a rock journalist. The decline of the music industry and the paucity of good magazines has left many a budding Lester Bangs to pound out their stuff on a lowly blog. But according to Like Falling Off a Blog the music blogs available these days are just amazing. Oh really? Then why do I not see The Rock and Roll Report referenced anywhere? Does this person not realize that Mick Jagger himself once, almost, kind of, not really visited here once (never). Just messing with you all but there are some great blogs out there which I will hopefully be visiting more often once I get this f$%%^ news reader program to work! A great place to start is Rock Critics Links. Trust me you’ll need to take a break from your computer to get some fresh air once you starting clicking on the links on this site but it is well worth it. Have a great weekend!

2 replies on “Are Music Blogs The Great Hope For Rock Journalism?”

Hi Mark,

Great job on the RnR Report. As the article mentions, there are tons of music blogs.

Now trying to figure out the good ones is the trick.

Keep helping us find the good blogs — and good music.


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