Are the New York Dolls Trying to Make a Comeback?

According to Morrissey, the surviving New York Dolls are apparently going to be performing at this year’s Meltdown Festival. Is this really a good idea? I have never been against band reunions per se but the New York Dolls were more of a statement than a band, a kind of “fuck you” to the establishment. I mean really, do we need them now that we have The Darkness?

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  1. The New york dols where never a statement they where musicians whith a attitude but at the heart they where musicians. Thats how david johansen could make big band music and why when johnny thunders died he was going down to new orleans to start a blues band. If you ever listen to their first album maybe you would relize how good they are.P.S. They big hair was a joke a sort odd to all the glam ways the over did it to make fun of it.

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