Are The Police to reform? Musings on memories.

The_police I just read the news on the mighty Punmaster Musicwire that The Police are rumored to be reforming for a 30th anniversary tour. Now there have been tons of rumors of this in the past but it wouldn’t surprise me as Sting has pretty much been the only hold out in the past but is this a good thing? Do I really want to see The Police, one of the biggest influences on me growing up, to try and rekindle past glories?

To say I was a big fan of the band is an understatement. I always enjoyed The Police because they managed to couple that punk attitude with a popwer pop sensibility with just the right amount of exotic influences to make things interesting. And as a young drummer, Stewart Copeland had an enormous influence on my drumming, second only to Neil Peart. With that in mind, I still get nervous about reunions like this. Be it the Doors, the MC5, the Stooges, Plant and Page, one always worries that these things will do more to tarnish the image of your favourite band then enhance it.

I have no doubt that Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers and Sting can pull this off musically, that’s a given. And I do think fans would appreciate a proper way to say goodbye to the band, something they were denied in the 80s when all they had to go on were vague promises, a luke-warm reunion single and those Amnesty reunion shows. I think I would be able to accept this if it was done as a one-off tour with no new recordings except for perhaps a live album/DVD. That would be a fitting end to one of the greatest groups in rock and roll and certainly for me, one of the most influential. But still, you have to wonder is it for love or money….

Do do do do, da da da da.