Are these examples of rock and roll getting a bit too full of itself?

Two recent articles got me thinking about some trends in rock and roll that I have never been crazy about. Apparently, Green Day are planning to release a “rock opera” along the lines of “Tommy” on their upcoming album “American Idiot” according to Aversion. First of all, just the term “rock opera” gives me the willies. I could never understand the appeal of Tommy or any other such indulgence in rock and roll goofiness but hey, that’s just me. Then I read that Aerosmith are planning some kind of concert with the Boston Pops! I suppose they were influenced by Kiss’s big extravaganza with the Australian Symphony over the winter. I can only wonder why rock and roll bands insist on trying to combine two such divergent musical art forms. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should boys. Please give it a break. If I want to listen to classical music, I’ll listen to the MSO without Steve Tyler’s lip wagging over the whole thing thank you very much! “Back in the Saddle” radically re-arranged for the Boston Pop? Sheesh!

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