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Are these the greatest 100 Psychedelic albums of all time?

According to a very cool site called Digital Dream Door these are the top 20 of the 100 greatest psychedelic albums of all time:

1. Piper at The Gates of Dawn – Pink Floyd
2. Electric Music For The Mind & Body – Country Joe & The Fish
3. Strange Days – The Doors
4. Anthem Of The Sun – Grateful Dead
5. United States of America – United States of America
6. Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. After Bathing At Baxter’s – Jefferson Airplane
8. A Saucerful Of Secrets – Pink Floyd
9. Surrealistic Pillow – Jefferson Airplane
10. Easter Everywhere – 13th Floor Elevators
11. H.P. Lovecraft – H.P. Lovecraft
12. Balaklava – Pearls Before Swine
13. Beacon From Mars – Kaleidoscope
14. Dear Mr Fantasy – Traffic
15. Fifth Dimension – The Byrds
16. DeCapo – Love
17. Stonedhenge – Ten Years After
18. Clear Light – Clear Light
19. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake – Small Faces
20. Tomorrow – Tomorrow

Check out the link for the rest of the best and join in on the debate. I don’t even know half of these albums so already this site is going to cost me a fortune but their #1 pick sounds about right to me. This looks to be a very cool site by the way with tons of interesting music lists that you can debate until your typing fingers go numb. Great fodder for an argument amongst friends!