Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Are You Canada’s Best Metal Band?

I saw this on Drew Masters’ M.E.A.T. group on Facebook and thought it to be a great opportunity for Canadian metal bands.

Metal Queen Management is sponsoring MQM is also sponsoring this year’s “Best Metal Band” category at the TORONTO INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS (TIMAs). The TIMAs — now in their 4th year — have gained tremendous momentum while remaining true to the goal of creating a new positive community space for independent artists. In 2007, TIMA gave away $30,000 in prizes; this year prizes total over $40,000. The TIMAs have three components: a seminar, music showcases during the summer, and an award show held at The Phoenix Concert Theatre on July 31, 2008.

Canadian Metal Bands are encouraged to sign up for this event, and could win the following:

– MQM management & promotional services for 6 months
– 3-Song Demo with Iguana Recording Studio
– Interviews and features with:
– Heavy Metal Music (
– Caustic Truths (
– Glam Metal (
– Indie Love Radio (
– Rock Eruption (
– Photo Packages with:
– Rebel Reviewer Dot Com (
– Bonseye Photography (
– Party at Rok Boutique with 100 free drink tickets

More Info: