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1. “Six Queens” — Larrikin Love (THE FREEDOM SPARK) London Opening for Babyshambles in Europe currently / Founding bands of “Thamesbeat” scene / punkish reggae gypsy sound / influences are the Clash, the Libertines and the Pogues

2. “Clocks Tick Louder At The Dead Of Night” — Mumm-Ra (SINGLE) Outstanding new band from Bexhill-on-Sea (Surrey) UK. Played their single “Out of the Question” last month. Headlining NME Shockwaves Tour throughout UK in early 2007 as one of the most hotly-tipped indie bands in Britain at the moment. No album out yet, but I highly recommend checking out their batch of singles on their website. They describe themselves as a mix of the Beach Boys, The Kinks, Beta Band and Sigur Ros. One of my fave new groups of the year.

3. “Back Again” — Boy Kill Boy (CIVILIAN) Leytonstone, London / sound like the Killers with authentic British accents / caught their first big break during the NME New Music Tour during the summer of 2005 when the band filled in at the last minute to replace Nine Black Alps, whose lead singer had contracted the mumps / on the Fierce Panda label which has emerged in recent years as one of the leading independent record labels in the UK / another one of my fave albums of the year

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4. “Chelsea Dagger” — The Fratellis (COSTELLO MUSIC) Glasgow band / name is Italian for “brothers” / jaunty pop garage sound / one of the most popular bands in the UK in 2006 with 4 chart-topping singles

5. “Eighteen” — ¡Forward, Russia! (GIVE ME A WALL) Leeds / played them a few months ago on the Armitage Shanks show / titles of all tracks on their debut CD are numbers / one of the bands at the front of the huge New Yorkshire indie scene in Sheffield and Leeds / playing on Thursday, November 30 at the Mile End Cultural Centre in Montréal and Friday, December 1 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto

6. “Rootless Tree” — Damien Rice (9) My fave single on the brilliant second album by the singer from County Kildare, Ireland. Ethereal vocals harmonizing with him are those of Lisa Hannigan. This is the rare kind of music that takes you on a journey and has been known to bring a tear to even the most wizened old sod.

/ / /Rap /— Song Summary// /Commercials/ /Rap /— Brief shout-outs to two Montreal-based friends of the Armitage Shanks show: The Mod Club Wednesday nights at Club Vinyl 2109 Bleury (corner Sherbrooke) went two weeks ago and will return again soon / Lee spinning cool mod tunes from the 1960s and 1970s thru some of today’s latest indie hits / London Café on CISM 89.3 FM Tuesday nights 9:00 – 10:30 PM / featuring the same music as I do / the host Mélanie is highly knowledgeable about the UK indie scene and if you fancy what I play for you on my show, you shouldn’t be missing her weekly show either / First Song Intro

7. “The Truth That Hurts” — The Others (INWARD PARTS) Brighton and London. / Guerrilla gigs in which the band would play impromputu shows on underground “Tube” trains in London / lead singer Dominic Masters is one of Pete Dougherty’s entourage / the band’s eponymous debut album was one at the front of London’s New Cross music scene in 2005 / cheers go out to Lime Records who sent me an advance copy of their second album last week that is just about to be released / verdict is that the songwriting is much tighter on this album / several excellent singles on it / punkish sound / Dominic Master’s vocals reminiscent of Johnny Rotten circa Public Image Limited era with great Buzzcocks riffs / Lime Records offered me an interview with the band, which I will conduct in the near future.

8. “She’s Got Standards” — The Rifles (NO LOVE LOST) Walthamstow, London / full of cracking tunes and is a brilliant example of a tight guitar-driven indie band / sounds like the Rakes, Strokes, the Coral, the Libertines / album available in North America on import only at present / produced by Ian Broudie formerly of the Lightning Seeds

9. “Born in the UK” — Badly Drawn Boy (BORN IN THE UK) New single by Mercury Music Prize winner in 2000 / performed in Montréal twice at Club Soda / first time three and one-half hour gig / met Damon Gough on a flight to Manchester two years ago when I sat with his guitarist / talked with him briefly at the Manchester airport / was wearing a denim jacket with Québec spelled out in sequins on the reverse

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Next show is Monday, December 11 on Drastic Plastic / In the meantime, keep listening to Drastic Plastic each and every Monday night with Doug Ford at 10 PM on CKUT and keep reading The Rock and Roll Report on who kindly posts the playlists for all the Drastic Plastic shows a day or two following the broadcast. And check out my MySpace site at . This is Armitage Shanks saying goodnight and remember, I’m just taking the piss.

10. “The City is at Standstill” — Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family (SHOW ME HOW THE SPECTRES DANCE) Manchester singer-songwriter very much in the vein of Badly Drawn Boy. I was gobsmacked to discover that Liam Frost is all of 22 years old: his voice and demeanour is that of someone with decades more experience living, loving and losing.

11. “Once Upon a Time” — The Boyfriends (THE BOYFRIENDS) Four piece band from London, sound very much like Morrissey or even more like one of the most underrated British indie bands of the 1990s, Gene. They headlined the John Peel stage at Glastonbury in 2005 where Morrissey caught their gig and made them the opening act on his ensuing 2006 European tour. Their debut album was released last month in the UK.

12. “Herculean” — The Good, The Bad & The Queen (SINGLE) New project by Blur frontman Damon Albarn with Paul Simonon of the Clash and ex-Verve guitarist Simon Tong. An album, co-produced by Danger Mouse is scheduled to be released in January 2007 / This stunning single is unmistakenly framed by Damon’s unique vocals.

13. “Blasphomy” — Unknown Artist (SINGLE) Novelty single by an unknown Cockney vocalist