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Armitage Shanks 30 October 2006 Playlist from The Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM

Here is the playlist from Armitage Shanks’ latest UK Indie show on The Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM with comments from the man himself:

1.  “Janie Jones” — Babyshambles (SINGLE)  Clash song reworked by Pete Doherty (formerly of the Libertines, currently an item again with Kate Moss)

2.  “Man I Hate Your Band” — Little Man Tate (SINGLE)  New band from Sheffield (home of Arctic Monkeys and many other cool groups) formed in 2005  Released several singles this year in the UK and working on their debut album.  Catchy sound, rather a punkier version of Pulp.

3.  “When You Wasn’t Famous” — Bromheads Jacket (SINGLE)  Another Sheffield band – also formed in 2005 – with a raunched-up version of the Streets’ single of the same name released earlier this year.  Very worthwhile group with a selection of snarly tunes about life spent as punters in Sheffield, being spurned by posh girls and spending a whole lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing.

4.  “9 Crimes” — Damien Rice (9)  New single from forthcoming album to be released worldwide next week by the singer from County Kildare, Ireland.  Won Shortlist Music Prize in 2003 (US version of the Mercury Music Prize).  Ethereal vocals harmonizing with him are those of Lisa Hannigan.  His first visit in Montreal at Theatre Outremont in 2003 for his debut album “O” was one of the best shows I’ve seen in the new millennium, and I typically attend 2-3 concerts per month.

5.  “Out of the Question” — Mumm-Ra (SINGLE)  Outstanding new band from Bexhill-on-Sea (Surrey) UK.  Named after a villain in the 1980s animated television series “Thunder Cats”.  No album out yet, but I highly recommend checking out their batch of singles.  They describe themselves as a mix of the Beach Boys, The Kinks, Beta Band and Sigur Ros.  One of my fave new groups of the year.

6.  “You Know I Love You” — The Pigeon Detectives (SINGLE)  Yet another top indie band from Leeds.  No album out yet, but they have released several catchy guitar-driven singles in 2006 that bring to mind the Strokes or the Cribs.  The last two years or so, there has been a trend among UK indie bands to release 3 or 4 singles which gain widespread radio airplay and Internet buzz on sites such as MySpace prior to seeking to land a record contract.  This is the way that the Arctic Monkeys self-promoted the band to stardom and a Mercury Music Prize.

7.  “Gravity’s Rainbow” — Klaxons (SINGLE)  From New Cross London.  This band is at the forefront of the New Rave scene sweeping the UK.  Other popular bands are Hot Chip (nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize), Shitdisco and Datarock.  New rave is a fusion of electronic dance music and punk.  If the Prodigy had emerged a decade later, it would have easily fit within this sub-genre.

8.  “Cunts Are Still Running the World” — Jarvis Cocker (SINGLE)  Former lead singer of Pulp / instantaneously recognizable vocal style / Came out of self-imposed retirement living in Paris with this misanthropic single / Particularly appropriate given that U.S. election day is a week from tomorrow

9.  “Shoot the Runner” — Kasabian (EMPIRE)  Glam single, sounding much like T-Rex or Slade off the second album from the band from Leicester UK who were in town last month and put on a mad show at La Tulipe.

10. “Bolton Wanderer” — PlanningtoRock (HAVE IT ALL)  Janine Rostron born in Bolton UK (suburb of Manchester) residing in Berlin.  Avant-garde vocalist with kaleidoscopic videos currently on tour with Peaches.  Dedicated to the Bolton Wanderers, a Premiership football team who are perennial also-rans in the league, but are enjoying a brilliant start to the season, currently third in the table (having been thrashed, soundly, 4-nil last Saturday by Manchester United).

11  “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” — Flaming Lips (Q COVERED BEST OF 86/06)  Originally a vapid dance tune sung by Kylie Minogue, an Aussie / Brit siren whose music would not typically be featured on the Armitage Shanks show, this song has been given a gobsmackingly outstanding reworking by the Flaming Lips, a group from Oklahoma City who joins that illustrious group of Yankee bands (Strokes, White Stripes, Kings of Leon) who first achieved recognition in the UK before hitting it big back in the States.

12. “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” — Smiths (THE QUEEN IS DEAD) 20th anniversary of the classic album – my all-time fave.  And this past summer, your humble narrator got married to the “trouble and strife” (Rhyming Slang for wife) – my first “couples” dance with Mrs. Shanks was to this song.

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