Rock Radio 2.0

Armitage Shanks’ Playlist for the Drastic Plastic Program of February12, 2007 on CKUT FM

What do you call a radio DJ from Manchester who is tardy in submitting his playlist for publication on The Rock and Roll Report? Well Armitage Shanks of course! The man may be late but he always features some amazing UK bands on his show and this past Monday was no different. And I’d advise you to have a listen at the CKUT archives page as he also sings!

“Song for Clay (Disappear Here)” — Bloc Party (A WEEKEND IN THE CITY)
“Life is Beautiful” — Vega4 (VEGA4)
“Golden Skans” — Klaxons (MYTHS OF THE NEAR FUTURE)
“Too Late Too Late” — Mr. Hudson & the Library (A TALE OF TWO CITIES)
“Same Jeans” — The View (HATS OFF TO THE BUSKERS)
“House Party at Boothy’s” — Little Man Tate (ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW)
“Make Her Cry” — The Marshals (SINGLE)
“Ice Cream” — New Young Pony Club (SINGLE)
“I Used to Dance With My Daddy” — Datarock (DATAROCK DATAROCK)
“X-Ray” — The Maccabees (SINGLE)
“Put You In Your Place” — The Sunshine Underground (RAISE THE ALARM)
“Flame” — Bell X1 (FLOCK)

BONUS LIVE PERFORMANCE: “You Are A Scouser” by Armitage Shanks

You are a Scouser, a lowly Scouser
You’re only happy on Giro day
Your Mum’s out stealing
Your Dad’s drug dealing
Please don’t take my hubcaps away