At the end of the day, it’s all about the love and passion for the ravishing Ravishers

Portland, Oregon’s Ravishers are a mature band that delivers catchy and happy tracks; its members sure know how to put their talents to good use.  As their songs build to a climax, one can easily get carried away. I find that most of their songs always provide a positive energy, and their lyrics are worth listening to as they can make you reflect on your own life experiences. The piece Nobody Falls in Love Anymore is my favourite one off the album: it has the melody, the lyrics, and the perfect rhythmic elements that attract you in and make you think about love in the society of today. Overall, their new self-titled album, Ravishers, is filled with creative and enthusiastic tracks that remind listeners of the Californian sun. I recently had a chance to chat with writer/frontman Dominic Castillo…

Q) How did you come up with the name Ravishers?

A) That is a funny question as I never thought that we would end up using that name.  I had a list of band names, and the band members liked that one.

Q) You’ve studied jazz, so would Ravishers ever create a jazz album?

A) Not necessarily. I tend to keep both worlds separate, as they are both very different.

Q) The instruments always serve your tracks with a good harmony. How do you go about creating that?

A) I usually create the chords of a song spontaneously either on the piano or guitar. Then, when the band gets together, the tracks become more concrete and real, and together we try to figure out the best way for the songs to live.

Q) What is the most important aspect of a song for you?

A) The mix of the basic music and lyrics.

Q) Do you have any favourite subjects to write about?

A) Love and passion.

Q) What is the least amount of time you’ve spent writing a piece?

A) 20 minutes. I wrote both You Have It and The Chase in that amount of time.

Q) Do you have a specific process for creating a catchy song like Keep You Around?

A) I take in a lot of suggestions from the other band members. I first work on the music, and then the lyrics come.

Q) What is the one word that can sum up Ravishers?

A) Ravishing.

Q) What is your hobby when away from music?

A) I am constantly reading.

Q) Do you have any upcoming Canadian concerts?

A) Yes, we are supposed to be coming to Canada very soon!

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