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CD Review: Exodus “Exhibit B: The Human Condition”

I could barely contain my excitement when I discovered this album in the review pile.

Exodus were there for the very start of thrash metal in the early 80‘s, helping to mould the genre and influence a mass of bands who have formed in their wake. I have always admired Gary Holt and the rest of the band for constantly delivering the finest, most brutal thrash metal around.

Imagine then, the pant wetting anticipation I had before pressing play.

Is it good then I hear you asking?

Well, that is a bit like asking me if I like a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon.

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CD Review: Anoxia “A Lapdance For The Devil” (Mighty Music)

Now and again an album comes your way that makes you sit up and listen, really listen.

This debut from Denmark’s Anoxia is one of those albums. One that made me sit and pay careful attention to every note shredded and every drum rudiment hit.

This is because it is one hell of a album.

I am not one to throw these admissions wildly, Anoxia have produced a album consisting of well crafted songs, perfectly honed musicianship, and crisp production.

Kicking off in a wall of double bass and wah wah soloing “Cold Violence” is the benchmark for the album. Lars Frederiksen’s vocals cut through with enough power and melody not to be overpowering, and the guitars and drums are in places out of this world in technical ability.

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CD Review: Hundred Days “Rise”

One year on from the quite brilliant debut release of “How a war is won”, UK rockers Hundred Days have returned with this six track mini album.

I have to be honest, their debut was of such good quality, any follow up would have to be as good, if not better to keep me satisfied.

‘Only Human’ kicks of proceedings in typically heavy fashion with it’s staccato riff and sing along chorus. ‘Just a mission’ is easily the stand out track on the album, with some very funky bass lines and solid drumming, with vocalist Stuart Curtin belts it out like his life depends on it.

The remaining tracks are all fine examples good song writing, especially the powerful and gentle ’The rise and fall’. The formula is simple. Start off with a catchy riff, add in some well thought out structures, sprinkle in a solid rhythm section, and finally pour in lashing of instantly recognizable melodies.

This is what Hundred Days do best, and on this mini album it is business as usual. Listening to “Rise” straight after their debut album it is clear to see the latter is superior in the song writing stakes, and hopefully the next full length offering will be on par.

For now this will no doubt keep fans palates whetted.

Aaron Phillips

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CD Review: Orden Ogan “Easton Hope”

When you think of German power metal one band immediately springs to mind. Primal fear.

Well, here may be a band who are about to steal their thunder.

Orden Ogan formed way back in 1996 and released three demo tapes over the next three years, until 2004 when they unleashed their debut album “Testimonium a.d” to very positive feedback from the metal press.

Fast forward to this offering (their third), and it is clear to hear this is a band who have created a unique sound. Fusing huge operatic moments (“Requiem”), with the tried and tested formula of powerful vocals, machine gun drumming, and swathes of harmonious guitars.

Of all the eleven tracks on offer here it really is hard to pick a duffer. After “Rise and Ruin” sets up the album beautifully, “Nobody Leaves” delivers a crushing blow that continues through to the epic “Welcome Liberty”, and does not stop until closer “Of Downfall And Decline”, which is mind blowing to say the very least.

Orden Ogan have created a album that takes you on a journey of discovery. From the gargantuan and operatic vocal melodies to the almost thrash metal outbursts, “Easton Hope” is definitely a journey you do not want to miss.

Aaron Phillips

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CD Review: Cinemuerte “Aurora Core”

If you like your female fronted rock and metal, there is a plethora of bands to choose from, Paramore, Nightwish, Within Temptation to name but a few.

A fairly new addition to this genre are Cinemuerte, who suprisingly, are relatively unknown outside their native Portugal. Formed in 2002 by vocalist Sophia Vieira and bassist Joao Vaz, “Aurora Core” is the follow up to 2006’s “Born From Ashes”. What follows is actually quite a good collection of straight up ballsy rock songs with a feel good factor.

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CD Review: Preacher Stone

preacher stone 200If you like your rock ‘n’ roll down and dirty with a large slice of bluegrass then Preacher Stone will be right up your dusty alley.

Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina, this five piece consisting of Ronnie Riddle (Drums), Marty Hill (Guitars), Benny Huntt (Guitars), Josh Sanders (Bass), and Brett Enman (Drums), have created a debut offering of blues orientated rock songs fit for any hoedown.

Opener “Not Today” is raw sounding with slabs of guitar licks and a underlying bed of keys, which would not sound out of place on a Lynyrd Skynyrd album. Stand out tracks include the infectious “Livin’ Proof” with it’s funk driven riff and powerful vocals, and the more gentle “Blood from a stone” which has a country feel to it, but still packing a punch.

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The Rock and Roll Band of the Week is Hundred Days

hundred days band shotIn the quiet countryside of Somerset, England, a band is emerging that is currently wowing crowds and laying waste to venues.

Hundred Days are a 3 piece Rock Band hailing from a small town called Yeovil, not perhaps known for it’s Rock ‘N’ Roll legacy, but in years to come this may change.

They have created a sound which can be best described as Led Zeppelin on steroids, that classic rock influence with a harder edge.

There debut album ‘How A War Is Won’ was recorded and produced by the band themselves, and features a collection of quite superb maturely written songs.

The standout track on the album is the immensely catchy ‘No Better’ which really showcases the power of vocalist Stuart Curtin, who with his long hair and gritty voice is the perfect Rock front man.

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CD Review: Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

flood redThere may just be a band here to take the crown from Fightstar as Emo kings.

Glasgow based Flood Of Red have just released their debut album and are taking a very D.I.Y method of promoting the music.

Offering free downloads and the chance to buy their album for one dollar is certainly a way to gain fans.

This is not to say Flood Of Red need to use gimmicks to get attention for their music.

‘Leaving Everything Behind’ is an album bursting at the seams with emotionally epic sounding songs.
‘The Harmony’ is a prime example showcasing the feel of the album, big choruses, searing guitars, and dramatic synth.

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CD Review: The Twilight Sad – Forget The Night Ahead

forget the night aheadAt present, Scotland is a breeding ground for superb musical talent.

This Kilsyth based four piece are no exception.

‘Forget The Night Ahead’ is the band’s second album, and showcases a more mature yet dark sound.

Opener ‘Reflection Of The Television’ starts with a screech of guitar fuzz and pounding drums, and continues to take you on a journey of haunting and dramatic melodies. You get the feeling you are joining vocalist James Graham in his brutally honest lyrics and feel his anguish.

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Motley Crue – Dr Feelgood (Deluxe Edition)

Back in 1989 Motley Crue were at the top of their game after releasing album number five Dr Feelgood. Despite being dogged with drug and alcohol problems and various run ins with the law, the Crue had cemented their status as one of the biggest rock bands at the time.

This deluxe reissue contains all the original cock rock fist in the air anthems, including the title track ‘Dr Feelgood’ and the catchy drug inspired ‘Kickstart my Heart’, which were both top ten hits when released. There is though, a couple of duffers on the album, ‘Without You’ is a prime example, with its rather lame lyrics and a feeling that the band could not be bothered to put the song writing effort in.

That said, the marvellously filthy ‘Sticky Sweet’ and ‘She goes Down’ more than make up for it.

Disc two features and array of demo versions from the album, along with some live performances which will probably not entice everybody, but for the hardcore Motley Crue fan it will be a valued addition to your collection, just click on the cover and buy it!

Aaron Phillips