CD Review: Micah Olsan and the Many “All Around”

Micah Olsan is a Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter who creates music that has many different musical influences to it. And while that may be the case, those influences help to create a sound that is very solid and very listener-friendly. To bring his music to life, Micah Olsan is joined by four other musicians that seem to have the same creative drive to their playing ability. The resulting band creates a sound that is equal parts Folk, Blues, Soul and Rock. The band of Micah Olsan and the Many consists of: Micah Olsan- Vocals, Guitar; Cody Calderon- Drums; Adam Dosemagen- Bass; Dan Alexander- Keyboard; Eric Lemieux- Guitar. Together, this band has created a five-song EP called All Around.

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CD Review: The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club “Veva, Hold On!”

The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club is a band that makes their home in Chicago, Illinois. Made up of: Billy Giricz – vocals, guitar, keyboards; Paulette Bertrand – vocals, keyboards, guitar; Dan Passarelli – bass, vocals; Luke Smith – drums and Darin Gregg – guitar, trumpet, the band creates music that is equal parts rock and roll and pop-rock. That combination helps to create a sound that is very infectious and very radio-friendly at the same time. The style of the band’s songs alternates between modern-day rock and roll and rock and roll from years gone by. The band calls upon influences such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Norah Jones and Wilco and those influences creates a nice mixture of styles to draw from, making the band’s music very different from one track to the next. Having already adding to their musical library by releasing an 11-song self-titled release in August 2014, the band returned the very next month with another EP, the 7-track release entitled Veva, Hold On!

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CD Review: Bone Cave Ballet “Will of the Waves”

Because of the nature of Progressive Rock, you either like it or you don’t. Bands like Yes or Pater Gabriel-era Genesis fall into the “love ‘em or leave ‘em” category. Because of that, you rarely hear of bands from today that have made the plunge into the Progressive Rock genre.

One band that exists today that has decided to create Progressive Rock music is the Seattle-based group Bone Cave Ballet. The four-piece band consists of Jacqui Gilroy on guitar and vocals; Kelly Mynes on drums; Ezekiel Lords on bass and Jeff Blancato on guitar. Together, the members of Bone Cave Ballet create a band that has the talent, ability and creativity to handle the rhythm and tempo changes that come with playing Progressive Rock. To showcase the band’s style and playing ability, the band released a five-song EP entitled Will of the Waves.

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CD Review: Rocket 3 “Burn”

Portland-based band Rocket 3 is a three-piece rock outfit that features the playing of Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ramune Nagisetty; Drummer Drew Anymouse and bassist Tony Guzman. Each of the three musicians found their way to Portland from different parts of the country only to discover each other in Portland and from there they put together a band that combines different genres of rock and roll to create their sound. Rocket 3 is currently promoting their current album entitled Burn.

Burn from Rocket 3 begins with the track “Fate”. The track is a strong rock track that adds a little bit of flavor from a band like the Ramones. The track also picks up a little New Wave Rock feel from a band like Blondie to create a track with a lot of depth as well as mass appeal.

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CD Review: The Armory “Rediscover”

Many of today’s rock bands that are out there selling out music venues are filling up those venues and radio airwaves with a pop-inspired style of rock and roll. This pop-based rock is mainly to ensure music sales. Along the way, that pop-based sound replaced the real rock and roll that was being created only fifteen years ago; but every once in a while, you will find a band that still brings the energy that many seem to have lost. One such band that still has that strong rock edge to their music is The Armory.

The Georgia-based band of The Armory is a five-piece musical outfit that is made up of vocalist/guitarist Sean Wheeler, vocalist/bassist Marc Harris, guitarist John Patton, guitarist Ricky Free and drummer Ben Harris. Together, these five musicians are currently creating music that blends together both modern-day rock and roll and rock and roll that contains more of a “pop” feel to it. That interesting mix of the two styles will help keep the radio listeners happy while also giving the fans of more aggressive rock and roll music something to enjoy. That musical mix can be found on the band’s 2014 album entitled Rediscover.

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CD Review: RetroFunk S/T

Every so often, you come across an album of music that contains nothing but cover versions of popular songs. Since each of the songs included is a cover version, what sets one of these albums apart from others of the same style of music is the talent of everyone that was brought together to bring the music to life. The better the playing and singing, the more enjoyable the album is. Plus, if the album comes with great arrangements and solid production quality on the songs, then you know you really have something worth checking out.

Under the watchful eyes of Executive Producer Fausto Guerrero and Project Manager (as well as singer) Sandra Perez, RetroFunk is a Mexico-based studio project that brings together talented recording and performing artists that have come together to create an album of music that is very solid. Part of the reason for that solid feeling is that some of the musicians that are part of the project are also responsible for arranging the music on the release. The album truly brings out the talent of all of the musicians involved.

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Matheson Kamin’s Best of 2014 List

The time has come for the end of the year Best Of lists. This year, there were many different artists who made a strong impact on me as far as their music was concerned. Whether it was rock and roll or not, these artists and their albums need to be heard. Enjoy. In no particular order, my Best Of 2014 list is:

1 Tom Guerra All of the Above Singer-songwriter Tom Guerra spent 15 years with the band Mambo Sons before the band called it quits. With Mambo Sons no longer together, Tom Guerra turned his attention to creating his own music. Not surprisingly, Guerra’s sound and style picked up right where Mambo Sons left off and therefore, Guerra’s music contains the same Indie Rock feel of his old band, but with a lot of other influences thrown in as well. In 2014, Tom Guerra released his solo album entitled All of the Above. By going from rock and roll to folk-rock to power blues and back again, the ever-changing sound of the music on All of the Above allows the listener to hear many different sides to Tom Guerra’s talent as a musician. And with the music changing as often as it does, the listener finds a quality release that needs to be heard from beginning to end. So put All of the Above from Tom Guerra on and just enjoy the experience of it all. Read the entire review:

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CD Review: Bofus “Get Some”

Bofus is a Missouri-based three-piece rock band that hails from the Greater Kansas City area. The three musicians that make up the band are: Rusty Mainard on drums, guitar, vocals; Kevin Scott on guitar, vocals and Mike Criger on bass, vocals. Having once been part of the same music scene in the Kansas City area, the three musicians have been creating music together as a group for a decade. During that amount of time, the band has developed a very tight sound and that solid feel in their music is very apparent on the band’s newest album which is entitled Get Some.

Get Some from Bofus begins with a two-part track called “Demintro-Rich Man”. The track begins with the instrumental portion of the song. The trio creates a very rockin’ sound that features a hard rock feel to the music. After about ninety seconds when the track changes pace and slows down, it takes on a bluesier feel to the music while still have plenty of energy. The lyrics about finding the right person seem to have an almost universal appeal to them.

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CD Review: Matt Hutchinson “Three Minute Man”

Matt Hutchinson is a Baltimore, Maryland-based musician who grew up listening to everything from everything from early rock & roll to country & western. But on the newest release of Three Minute Man, Hutchinson focuses on the rock & roll influences he has massed over the years, with the title referring to the average length of his songs on this release.

To help bring his music to life, Matt Hutchinson had some help. With Hutchinson on guitar, he is joined by Bill Dixon on Keyboards, Accordian, and Bebot; David Lester on bass and his brother Tim Hutchinson on drums.

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CD Review: Syre & Fresko S/T

Syre & Fresko are a husband and wife duo from Melbourne, Australia. Within the band, Syre plays the guitar and keys while also providing the male vocals and Fresko plays the keys and provides the female vocals for the duo’s songs.

The duo creates music that could easily be compared to the likes of another husband and wife musical duo, of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart who were known as Eurythmics. But unlike Lennox and Stewart who created music with a pop/rock feel to their music, Syre & Fresko’s music is centered within the Alternative Rock genre. While Syre & Fresko have released a few singles throughout the time they have been a duo, they just released their first real EP.

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