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Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week: Tropidelic

Cleveland, Ohio is home to something kind of unusual: The Cleveland area has a very large Reggae community. When some areas of the country have just a few bands playing reggae music, Greater Cleveland and the surrounding areas have a thriving scene that include many bands and musicians that have come together to write and perform the style of music made popular by legend Bob Marley.

The Northern Ohio area has so many groups and writers that are creating Reggae music that many years back, the Mid West Reggae Fest was created to showcase many of the bands from the region as well as the entire world. This year, the festival will be taking place in early August.

Even though the band Tropidelic is not 100% Reggae, the band could easily be grouped into the Reggae scene in the Greater Cleveland area. The Kent, Ohio group creates its sound by taking a large amount of Reggae, combines it with an equal amount of rock, adds in some funk and hip-hop, and serves it up with a huge amount of energy.

The Kent, Ohio band is comprised of five members. Lead Vocalist Matt Roads, Bassist Neal Badolato, Guitarist Kyle “Chevontez” Cheuvront, and Drummer Kevin “Senor Seis” Six create the music of the band and DJ Mekadog adds the final touches on the turntable. Together, they form a polished rock band.

When the band’s sound was solidified, the group went into the studio to record. The resulting releases were 2008’s Tree City Exodus, and Rebirth of the Dope, which was released in 2007.

The new release of Tree City Exodus is starting to give Tropidelic the exposure it deserves. The band was recently asked to join the Vans Warped Tour as it made its way through the Cleveland area where Tropidelic played the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater. Along with playing the Vans Warped Tour, they have also shared the stage with other big name groups such as George Clinton, Afroman, and Cleveland reggae legend Carlos Jones.

Tropidelic is in the middle of promoting their new album, Tree City Exodus. The band is using their song Aquafire as their first single off of this release.

Even though Cleveland, Ohio is not the most tropical location in the world, it does have its share of bands creating reggae music. And Tropidelic is the latest band in the area to release an album of reggae-based rock. And the band’s release of Tree City Exodus is “hot” enough to satisfy anyone’s desire for something exotic.

If you are interested in some great music from a band that combines rock, reggae, funk, and hip-hop, the music of Tropidelic is for you. You can find the band on MySpace at


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The Tropidelic Wiseguyzz are absolutely AMAZING! There aren’t even words to explain the energy exuded from their live performances. They send such a positive message that makes everyone wanna dance, love life, and take a trip to the beach!! Right now there are so many reggae type bands playing at festivals and quarrys in the area but Tropidelic stands out like crazy!! Adding the rock and funk and the hip hop styles just makes these guys so unique. Tropidelic is definitely my obsession. They are FUNKY and HOT!! Check them out…NOW and you will wanna order their new album Tree City Exodus immediately I promise!!
Peace& Love

Jessi is right on! I absoutely love Tropidelics! I’ve only seen them perform 4 times BUT I’ve definetly caught their vibe. Not only can you groove to the music but the group has that something special. Charisma. ENERGY and a great positive vibe. A little eye candy… great style… I bought their CD Tree City Exodus and WHOAAAA–It blew me away. Some groups sound very different live and once recorded– but the soul of the Tropidelics was captured on this CD. THEY are superb. I think I need a new CD. Right now, I listen to it more than anything! Each song is unique and the arrangement is perfect….

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