Bargain Bin Book Review: “Alexis Korner, The Biography” by Harry Shapiro

It is unbelievable how many musicians played with or were influenced by Alexis Korner. Keith Richards himself maintains that the Rolling Stones would not have existed without him. Steve Marriot, Robert Plant, B.B. King and Brian Jones are just some of the musicians that Alexis Korner played with at one time or another. Like the other great unsung heroes of Rock and Roll (John Mayall, the Chess brothers, Brian Epstein and Kim Foley to name just a few), it seemed that Alexis Korner was destined to live in the shadows. But after reading this book, you will realize that he was a bigger, and better man than that. Passionate about the blues, in love with radio, “Alexis Korner, The Biography” brings the man to life in a vivid yet touching way, letting those that were closest to him speak of his talent, his warmth and his unwavering support for friends and family. An excellent book that will make you want to seek out some of his works just so you can pay tribute. I know I did.