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Bargain Bin Book Review: Before the Gold Rush

014026356X.01.MZZZZZZZ If you are looking for a fantastic history of the early Canadian rock and folk scene, a good place to start would be Before The Gold Rush: Peace, Love And The Dawn Of Canadian Sound by Nicholas Jennings. Set primarily in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto (Canada’s answer to Haight Ashbury), “Before the Gold Rush” tells the interwoven tales of folkies like Ian and Sylvia Tyson and Gordon Lightfoot against long forgotten rock and roll bands like Luke and the Apostles, Stitch in Tyme and Kensington Market. An indispensable resource for those of us tired of constantly reading about those great obscure garage and psychedelic bands from the U.S. and England, it just goes to show that Canada could crank out quality rock and roll during the ‘60s, even if not many people outside our borders took much notice. Read about pre-Super Freak Rick James in a band with Neil Young! The Paupers imploding at Monterey Pop! The birth of the Band! Bo Diddley getting off on The Mandala! Mick Jagger’s favourite Canadian band The Ugly Ducklings and many more cool tales of Canadian rock and roll! It’s all here and well worth the read. It only goes to show that Canada could produce one hell of a “Nuggets” type compilation to rival any other country out there. Highly recommended for rock and roll fans in general and Canadian fans in particular.