Bargain Bin Book Review: Rolling with the Stones by Bill Wyman

I just got back from Chapters (the Canadian version of Barnes and Nobles for you Yanks) and I picked up “Rolling with the Stones” by Bill Wyman for 20 bucks! Since it will take me approximately 3 years to read the behemoth, let me just say this: IF YOU ARE A STONES FAN GET THIS BOOK! It is incredible. Tons and tons of pictures that I have never seen before (and I have a lot of books on the Stones). Tour dates, snippets of cool facts and did I say amazing pictures makes this a must. And no Bill Wyman book would be complete without the requisite copies of financial records, receipts and bills. Really quite amazing and if you compare it to the current NME special issue on the Stones, this is an absolute steal. Buy it.