Beginners guide to MP3

Sometimes I assume that people are pretty familiar with what MP3s are, how to listen to them and how to manipulate them but I tend to forget that the whole subject of MP3s is often wrapped up in unintelligible “geek talk” so for the benefit of all I offer this down and dirty guide to some great spots to visit for the lowdown on what is probably, for better or for worse, the universal format for music on the ‘Net. A good first place to start is The ABC’s of MP3 on Basic explanations with good links to get you started. Once you get the basics down a good place to find the software you’ll need is MP3 Machine. Sign up for their newsletter and you will learn more about MP3 than you might ever have hoped. With this basic information you will be able to download and play MP3s like a pro. Try not to get bogged down in too much of the technicalities. Just pick an MP3 player and check out any of the bands or labels listed on The Rock and Roll Report as pretty much all of them make something available to download. Believe it or not, you can download plenty of music legally in the MP3 format to listen to on your computer or iPod and you won’t have the RIAA breathing down your neck. Sure there are other formats that are more open, or of higher quality but if there is one constant in 2004 is that the MP3 format is about as universal as things get (for now). Ladies and Gentlemen start your downloads!